2016 Opel Karl Release Date, Review, Interior, Price – With the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show, the new vehicle offers us an early look and design scheme.  The vehicle is also expected to be unleashed to the public in the upcoming New York Auto Show.

2016 Opel Karl
2016 Opel Karl

The automaker hopes to impress the European buyers with its modern style and operating efficiency that will be cemented by tons of standard and safety features. The 5-door hatchback will be made available in three trim grades which will include the Essentia, Enjoy and Cosmo.

All the said variants will come with a new GM Ecotec 1.0L 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine that will be capable of making a paltry 74 hp. as for the cool tech patches that will be made available inside the new Opel Karl, you should expect basic traction/stability control, Hill Start Assist, antilock brakes, cruise control and adjustable steering, among others.

As the automaker readies to restructure and up its entire portfolio of vehicles which will include 27 new models and 17 new powerplants by 2018, the minuscule Opel Karl will arrive in style to battle it out for a share of the European market.

Exterior – Opel Karl 2016

The exterior layout of the new miniature vehicle is downright straightforward, there are no creases on its side components – this would be disheartening for some people. The overall exterior design sculpture underscores its vibrant personality.

2016 Opel Karl front
2016 Opel Karl front

According to multiple sources, the automaker is expected to make the new Opel Karl vehicle available in different colours, and to be specific, they will be a ten colour palette. The vehicle will also provide either a 14 or 16” wheels.

2016 Opel Karl back
2016 Opel Karl back

The new model will now be 144.88” in length. The overall design is simplistic and the grille has now moved up a bit.

Interior of the New 2016 Opel Karl

The interior of the vehicle will compare similarly to the brand new Opel Corsa with only a handful of distinctions. The only notable difference is that the LCD display screen has now been moved up at the centre console.

2016 Opel Karl  interior
2016 Opel Karl interior

High tech features that will be provided in the new vehicle will include a leather steering wheel, ABS, heated front seats, Opel IntelliLink system, Hill Start Assist, park assist, etc. convenient features to include will include USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and a good surround system.

Other creature comforts that will be made available in the upcoming vehicle will include the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. It’s hard to imagine that most of the aforesaid kits will not make it to the U.S market.

Opel Karl 2016 – Engine

As already mentioned, the new vehicle will come with a 1L 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that will be capable of generating up to 74 hp. the automaker will offer the new vehicle with a five-speed auto transmission system along with a standard manual gearbox.

The aforesaid engine will only use 4.3L for every 100km travelled and emission savvy buyers should not have to worry about the low Carbon dioxide emissions. This is a rather small car which makes such factory settings understandable.

Additionally, it will also come with an Eco-Flex package that will certainly raise its Euro fuel economy ratings. As for the US market, the Opel Karl car will return a fuel rating of 55 mpg. With the miniscule vehicle measuring just over 12 feet in length, and riding on a mere 93.9” wheelbase, the new vehicle promises to offer a mid-level performance and fuel economy ratings.

The cargo space might also be increased to around 33.2 cubic feet by folding the back seats by 60/40 split-folding. Its weight is expected to be around 1,984 lbs.

2016 Opel Karl Price and Release Date

According to several sources, the new vehicle will retail with a price tag of around 9,500 Euros but can go higher depending on the trim level selected. Would-be buyers expected lower prices for this car since it is an A segment model, however that has once again been proven unrealistic by the automaker.

2016 Opel Karl release date
2016 Opel Karl release date

The vehicle will be released in the market towards the summer of this year (2015). With the price it comes with, buyers should expect the new vehicle to be jam-packed with necessary convenience, safety and performance features.