2016 Mercedes Benz GLK Release Date, Review, Specs, Price – The German automotive company is set to announce the latest news pertaining the four upcoming updated crossovers which will include GLC, GLS, GLE Coupe and GLE this year. The automaker’s reps made this announcement in Stuttgart on the side-lines of a press conference held to review the company’s sales for the previous year.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK
2016 Mercedes Benz GLK

It was revealed that the company has now managed to sell over 2.5 million vehicles and earned almost 130 billion euros which demonstrates an increment of performance for the 2014 year pegged at 10%.

For the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK, unconfirmed reports indicate that the vehicle will be enriched with a variety of design and equipment details that will make it the preferred choice in the SUV market.

The redesigns might emanate from new modified interior style, high performance engine and a there might be a possibility of a new platform which if confirmed will sweeten things up. With all the envisaged redesigns, the company hopes to reach a wider market with the aim of building more reputation and further the business prospects.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK exterior

The upcoming new 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK will receive new modifications and trim versions. The entryways have been reduced from 5 to 3. The SUV will increase in size and will be bigger and will have longer wheelbase as well.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK front
2016 Mercedes Benz GLK front

The larger wheelbase will contribute in making the SUV sporty and classy. The hood has been extended while the front axle has been pushed forward in order to fit the longer wheelbase.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK back
2016 Mercedes Benz GLK back

The increased wheelbase will also contribute to a more spacious cabin that will provide adequate room for its passengers than the previous model.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK interior

In case you have seen the official images of the anticipated 2015 Mercedes C class, then you will immediately notice the striking similarity of its exterior and interior design, together with the deep-set gauges and three-spoke steering wheel on the HVAC controls and tool panel.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK interior
2016 Mercedes Benz GLK interior

The upcoming new 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK will come with a 7” screen display as standard an optional 8.4” variant. Other features that will debut in the new model will be summarised in the technical specs category below.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK specs

For the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK, the German engineers took adequate resources and time to equip the new vehicle with some of the latest high tech features. Buyers should expect the following features;

• Command Online Multimedia system on the centre console.

• Automatic turn on/off lights with the latest LED technology.

• Nine band auto transmission system.

• Seat ventilation and heating.

• 360 degrees view feature with multi-zone control.

• Lane departure warning.

• Driver exhaustion warning system. This feature will alert you when you are tired and overworked and in need of rest to avoid accidents.

These will be enhanced features of erstwhile models.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK engine

Under the hood of the new 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK will be a variety of engines. The power scheme will be borrowed from the AMG sport and C-class W205. The new model will come with a 3L capacity engine with the capability of generating 367 horsepower and 517 pounds of torque.

The GLK family of crossovers never had a suitable AMG redesign, and for the anticipated Mercedes Benz GLK, the manufacturer plans to equip the Mercedes AMG GLC 63 model with the top rated 4L V8.

On the C63S and C63 versions, this engine has the ability of generating 510 horsepower, 700 pounds of torque and 476 hp, 650 pounds of torque respectively. The base version will mostly get the 1.8L 4-cylinder turbo engine or the 2.1L turbo diesel engine.

Furthermore, we should expect the new 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK to come with a new 3L 6-cylinder turbo powered engine which will be able to generate 333 hp which was initially fitted in the 2014 year E-class.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK price and release date

The arrival of the upcoming new 2016 Mercedes Benz GLK is expected to be somewhere in the third quarter or late this year (2015). However, would-be buyers will have the opportunity of viewing the GLK during the New York Auto Show.

The SUV details are still oblique but it is widely believed that the new crossover will appear with an msrp of around 40,000 USD. Two trim versions will be availed namely the GLK 250 AND GLK 350.