2016 Mercedes AMG GTS Release Date, Price, Review, Specs – Speculations about the 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS started almost three years ago, and for a very short period of time, it was believed that novel SLS AMG would be rebranded to SLC. This was obviously not the case, as the luxury automobile giant has picked the GT name for its sports car that will offer replacement for its SLS AMG.

2016 Mercedes AMG GTS
2016 Mercedes AMG GTS

As a result, now the most viable competitor for the AMG GT is the Porsche 911. In comparison to The SLS, the brand new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS will now be slimmer and lighter, this is because Mercedes used lighter body materials during its construction.

These materials include aluminium and carbon fibre inserts. Moreover, the new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS will be less dramatic in its exterior body design and will be devoid of gullwing doors, which will be an insult to the SLS.

The new car will also come with a cheaper price tag in comparison to its sibling. Read on for the most comprehensive news about the upcoming new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS.

2016 Mercedes AMG GTS exterior

Despite the SLS AMG being shorter in body dimensions, the GTS can be considered a spiritual successor as far as the exterior design goes. The new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS comes with muscular and dramatic lines that are very conspicuous.

2016 Mercedes AMG GTS  front
2016 Mercedes AMG GTS front

Similar to the legendary 300SL Gullwing and SLS AMG, the GT now comes with a long hood, greenhouse and short boot that has now been moved further towards the posterior end. Obviously, the front fascia will remind you of the SLS AMG.

Dominating the landscape is the wide grille that is fitted with Mercedes new diamond pattern and beautifully designed headlamps that will extend onto the fenders. The semblance of the car to its previous model continues at the back.

2016 Mercedes AMG GTS  back
2016 Mercedes AMG GTS back

Also at the back, the new styling cues continue without disappointment. The thinly designed taillights provide a difference between the large exhaust tips and the beefy bumper.

To sum up, the new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS length dimension is shorter than the SLS AMG, however the latter has a low stance and is bigger.

2016 Mercedes AMG GTS interior

The interior of the new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS is unambiguously impressive. The cabin interior revolves around the ‘aviation design’ theme that emphasizes the company’s modern and lightweight approach.

2016 Mercedes AMG GTS  interior
2016 Mercedes AMG GTS interior

Contributing to the impression is the wide and wing like dashboard, concave shaped door panels and central spotlight-style vents. In addition, the low seating position and tall central console all add to the cockpit feeling of entering in a jet rather than a sports car.

Naturally, the new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS will come packed with the latest materials that boasts of top quality and easy to use interface for gadgets. The interior upholstery will be leather, which will don every inch of the cabin.

2016 Mercedes AMG GTS engine

Under the hood of the new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS will be powerful engine that will power the vehicle. Both the GTS and GT will utilise a 4L twin turbo V8. There will be different configurations that will ensure power and efficiency is improved, while reducing the carbon dioxide emissions.

These configurations will be the direct fuel injection and dry-sump lubrication. The GTS model’s engine will be the most powerful and will generate up to 503 horsepower and 479 pounds of torque.

Despite the base model coming with mechanically limited slip differential and passive dampers, the upper GT S trim level will come with electronically controlled limited slip and dumpers.

Different settings will be available for different driving occasions, they will include Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus, Race, and a custom mode. The model will also come with extreme performance options which will include more negative camber in the anterior suspension, active engine and transaxle mounts.

2016 Mercedes AMG GT S

Although the official pricing of the new has not yet been announced, we expect that the new car will be priced almost similarly to the Porsche 911 Turbo and 911. Therefore the price will range somewhere under 120,000USD for the GT model and up to an msrp of around 130,000 USD for the 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS.

2016 Mercedes AMG GTS  release date
2016 Mercedes AMG GTS release date

The coupe is expected to go for sale somewhere before the fall of this year. Additionally, the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT3 racer is scheduled to go on sale next year, however little info has been provided about the car for now.