2016 Land Rover Discovery Review

There were many rumors and a lot of attention regarding the release of the newest 2016 Land Rover Discovery vehicle but everything has been put into place with the latest announcement that confirmed the release for the upcoming year. The new member of the Land Rover family is much like the Range Rover, but the Discovery is smaller in size and is in fact a faster version. It brings a whole new perspective to the range of vehicles coming out of the production lines recently.

2016 Land Rover Discovery side view, orange color, headlights

The Discovery Vision Concept is the basis of this new vehicle that we see in the pictures before us except the fact that this one has been updated to fit modern standards. The vehicle has been fitted with many new technologically enhanced abilities and loads of design touches that a vehicle like the Discovery has never experienced before.

2016 Land Rover Discovery front view, red color, headlights

There are some loans take out of the Range Rover Evoque and combine with the AWD system for this mode and result in a very highly capable machine that we are proud to present in our review here. The car is now more dynamic than it ever was and has an all-around capable setup which the machine enjoys fairly well. People will certainly enjoy driving and owning one of this things and if you want to know how it could actually feel you can check out the specs right here.

2016 Land Rover Discovery exterior

2016 Land Rover Discovery side angle, alloy wheels, silver color

The new 2016 Land Rover Discovery is generally more rounder, sleeker and generally speaking much more handsome looking than before. The overall size makes it very compact and it looks very much larger if we were to compare it to the Evoque sibling car. The Evoque is actually the most attractive model in the Land Rover lineup and it is being used as a basis which means injecting some much needed freshness to the entire lineup that way. The front sides starts with some untraditional cues for this brand. It has a softer shape and look at the front and gives us a sense of speed and performance that way. There is a new mesh grille added with HID headlamps  and some interesting LED running lamps which are setup in a circle to make more interesting points to them like that. The back sides sees the use of some similarly designed slim lights which are wrapped around at the sides which fit the overall design characteristic of the vehicle.

2016 Land Rover Discovery rear angle, taillights,

Land Rover claims that this new shape does not help nor does it aim only to make the car good looking but also does a great job in shaping an aerodynamic look for the new Discovery vehicle. The parts which are those that help enhance the aerodynamic capacities of the vehicle are altered wheel design and a level of noise reduction inside that you have not seen in similar brands. The Discovery is offered in nine available exterior color variants that you are free to pick by your choice. Offered are the Fuji White, Santorini Black, Corris Grey, Indus Silver, Loire Blue, Scotia Grey, Kaikoura Stone, Firenze Red, with the limited edition color being Yulong White. Offered additionally are five different alloy wheel designs that come into the mix as well.


2016 Land Rover Discovery steering wheel, gear shiftknob, lcd screen

Despite the outside being an outstanding part of the 2016 Land Rover Discovery, it is actually what is on the inside that really matters here. Miraculously but actually true is the fact that the interior of the Discovery is very roomy for a compact vehicle as it can comfortably seat five people. There is even and extra third row crammed at the back so we get a 5+2 seating split with the changes that have been made here. The third row of seats is not really as compatible as you may think at first but it is always a good thing having them around.

2016 Land Rover Discovery interior, leather seats

Every Land Rover vehicle is bound to have a lavish inside and so does this one as well. There are many options that you can enjoy in the Discovery and the interior has been equipped with accessories like twin-needle-stitched leather, configurable mood lighting, genuine metal interior trim and multi-zone climate control. The back sets, or rather the second row of seats, can be adjusted ot be even more comfortable and roomier by reclining them back. Every seating position has storage bins and cup holders and the rear seat air vents have been repositioned to the pillars so they produce more effective cooling that way.


2016 Land Rover Discovery engine

Unfortunately, there are not going to be any changes when it comes the base engine of the 2016 Land Rover Discovery vehicle. It will continue with the use of the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine, which we can also find under the hood of the Evoque car as well. This setup is good enough for 240 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque and is everything that you need with this kind of a car. It also combines with a ZF nine-speed automatic transmission which delivers a quick second gear takeoff which actually saves on fuel and enhances the fuel economy for the car and a very low first gear for slow-speed off-road situations. And of course now Land Rover will be a good car without the use of a Haldex All-Wheel-Drive system. This one also adds a Terrain Response system and Hill Descent Control function.

Price and release date

The 2016 Land Rover Discovery base trim is going to have a starting price of $37,995 as base MSRP. The HSE trim is priced at $41,570 while the highest rated is the HSE Luxury which has a price tag of $45,570. Individual and additional package will add a higher price rating all together when it comes to the cost. The Vehicle is being released in just a couple of months as the release date is scheduled for the beginning part of 2016.

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2016 Land Rover Discovery exterior,side angle, alloy wheels

2016 Land Rover Discovery front angle, headlights and grille

2016 Land Rover Discovery interior, back seats

2016 Land Rover Discovery rear view, tailpipe, black color

2016 Land Rover Discovery side view,alloy wheels, headlights and grille

2016 Land Rover Discovery rear angle, taillights and tailpipe