2016 Jeep Scrambler Review

Jeep seems to be surprising its customers with new additions as they are preparing to offload the 2016 Jeep Scrambler model. This model is something completely new coming out of the design works of the Jeep company. This model has been rumored recently and has been in the making for a period of time but has not been featured before. This year is going to mark the debut of this car and is going to mark Jeep’s extension on the market with great models such as this one.

The Scrambler does not have any predecessors so it is going only to be based on the previous models coming from Jeep. In fact it is going to be based mostly on the Wrangler, perhaps one of the most popular models that came from the Jeep production line. They have actually taken a lot of new cues for the upcoming Jeep Wrangler models and are incorporating it here. At first when the rumors started going, people were thinking that it is an early release of a Wrangler truck, but the Scrambler is going to make its debut before the newest Wrangler comes out.

2016 Jeep Scrambler rear view

The 2016 Jeep Scrambler is going to be graced with a lot of abilities that you would expect to see out of a model such as a Jeep product, particularly one based on the Wrangler. Its main point is the off-road capabilities that the model is going to get which is certainly making the bigger brother proud. What you will also see here is a power enhancement which is being offered by a new form of a diesel engine that is making the cut.

With a new model car comes a new review and that is why we have immediately decided to present it to our readers and with it there are some news about the release date and the price.

Exterior design

The exterior of the 2016 Jeep Scrambler is going to match what we have expected to see from it. It is a model which in fact has all the proves to be one of the leading producing models in the future for Jeep. It’s exterior redesign has made the likes of Wrangler and other models look smaller compared to it. It still borrows a lot of details from the legendary Wrangler and there is no doubt that we will see this similar kind of a redesign with the new Wrangler model when it comes out. Some would stay the Scrambler is a preview of what we are going to get with the newest Jeep Wrangler.

2016 Jeep Scrambler exterior

The models looks imposing and very aggressive. It is a great design and it adds a new appearance in the front side where it updates the standard look of Jeep vehicles with a seven slot front grille. The headlights also pose an interesting new design and they are going to be positioned higher this time which is going to allow added visibility as well. The back part has more storing space with the expansions made to the car and there is a double cabin which is going to benefit the people on the inside of the car.


And as we are talking about the interior of the 2016 Jeep Scrambler, we can tell you that they are not omitting any luxury and additions here. The leather seats which are made of some fine leather and comfortable additions are going to get some heating and temperature modification ability. The temperature of the car is going to be mechanically adjusted and it presents one of the details that the car is going to better composed.

2016 Jeep Scrambler interior

The design inside sees a typical Jeep interior of late models with the expanded cup holders and storage space on the inside of the car. Mirrors have an auto-dimming feature while the navigation system has been updated for this very model allowing better usage and providing us with added hands-free usage and connectivity via Bluetooth and other Smartphone applications. Furthermore, the safety features of the car is also something that needs to be addressed but more details are going to be released once the release date comes.

Engine options

There have been several engine options rumored to be offered for the 2016 Jeep Scrambler. Although being close the showcasing of the car, we still do not have a confirmation that tells us which option gets to be picked for the new model. They have been looking through several possibilities and we are certain that a diesel powertrain has to be added here. And as well it should as it will provide the Scrambler just with the necessary additions and power it needs. For now the only thing that we do now that a turbocharged 3.6 liter engine that makes 260 horsepower is going to be in the mix, perhaps as a base version. It is paired with a six -speed transmission choice.

2016 Jeep Scrambler engine

Release date and price

The release date is very closer for the 2016 Jeep Scrambler. With the crowd already getting excited about it and expecting to see what the model is all about, we can get it as far as the end of the year. Some more realistic assumptions actually placed it in the beginning of 2017 and we assume that it is a lot better to say that the model fill get its first showcasing then. The starting priced is going to be about 40,000 USD which boasts well for a model like this one.






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