Will we be able to see the 2016 Infiniti Q80 car this year? If we are to trust the recent announcements it is closer to a bonafide production model than we have initially anticipated. The vehicle’s concept has been showcased at the Paris Auto Show in 2014 and even then we have seen a near production ready car which was close to completion. Next year is the year that will potentially mark the release of a fully functional Q80 vehicle.

Nissan has been trying to put out some new luxury brands for the upcoming year and its source the Infiniti is the right way to do it. They have a number of vehicles which are already set to see the light of day for the next model year and period and it is possible that the Q80 is going to be one of them. Something that will certainly add to the luxury sedan segment is a car that tops all estimations that were previously thought and is a perfect addition to the already rich segment which also promises to make some innovations as well.


If we are to trust the concept model and if we were to assume that it will not change considerably, it is going to be able to fit seven people inside and come with a larger body frame than before. Compared to the previous Infiniti cars it is going to feature an updated and innovative exterior with a modernistic touch on the inside. The powertrain aims to be productive in its performance but economical in tis fuel consumption, which is a rarity these days. If everything works as planed we will be able to see the release date of the 2016 Infiniti Q80 pretty soon. Until you wait you can read our review and see the exclusive pictures that were released after the Paris show.


2016 Infiniti Q80 – Exterior

The exterior design of the 2016 Infiniti Q80 is going to have a very striking look. Judging by the concept car the vehicle is supposed to be very modernistic and very appealing in its nature. The car is going to showcase a lot of class but will come with some sporty details as well. The dimensions are going to change and we are expected to receive a model with a larger body frame. It is going to have a total length of 199.2 inches and a width of 79.1 inches and a height of 52.8 inches. It is also going to be set pretty close to the ground which may not be characteristic of a sedan vehicle but it is all made due to enhance the aerodynamic capacities of the car.

The body is going to be redesigned and made into a futuristic wonder. Actually it does have a lot of contemporary features but we are expected to see some new and innovative ones as well. With a bigger body also comes a lighter frame which is going to be made out of aluminum while it is going to sit on some lightweight 22-inch alloy wheels. Both the front and the rear have been redesigned, the front part has a new grille design which has been repositioned while the bumper has also gone through a change as well. Added are also the new LED lights with fog lights to boot. The car is going to showcase a lot of modern details to it which are going to position it among the top vehicle of the upcoming period and the most expected ones as well.


Interior Redesign & Photos

As you can see on the photos, the inside of the 2016 Infiniti Q80 should concentrate in the passenger’s comfort. Well this is going to be a luxury sedan vehicle so they are making it crisp and exclusive inside. It has all the makings of a most fabulous car and the added modern touch makes it even greater. It adds a leather upholstery interior which is very comfortable and some spectacularly designed seats. Maybe the ones seen on the picture do not really make it to the production model although they look pretty good, but perhaps not really production friendly at this stage. The car doors are designed to open very wide so there is not any inconvenience when entering the car as it sits pretty low. The added sunroof makes for a world of excitement as well.

But perhaps the best part of the car is the added technology. The vehicle is supposed to be given enhanced connectivity and advanced technology. The HUD display with external information connectivity is one of them and each passenger will also have his or hers own display to use during the ride. There are also updated navigation controls, satellite radio and a very modern infotainment system. We also add the new BOSE audio system with 15 speakers that spreads the sound very nicely around the car.


Engine Specs

The new model of 2016 Infiniti Q60 was announced that it will receive the latest updated of hybrid technology as its powertrain. Under the hood you will certainly be able to feature one of the most fuel efficient engines now which also packs quite a powerful punch as well. The 3.0-liter V-6 hybrid powertrain will combine with Direct Reaction Hybrid system which makes a great boost to the already appropriate gasoline engine and amounts with 500 of horsepower. The engine also has the ability to switch from front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive and depending on the road conditions. The powertrain also combines with the newest 9-speed automatic transmission which transits the power to the front wheels. The car’s EPA ratings are expected to be 40+ mpg and are going to account for a car with low gas emotions and great driving ability.

2016 Infiniti Q80 Release Date and Price

The vehicle is expected to appear pretty soon and everyone is already excited to see it on the road for next year. The 2016 Infiniti Q80’s release date has still to be confirmed but we feel confident about this one appearing very soon. The base price or the starting price will not go lower than 60,000 USD, but it may even rise depending on the added features that make it to the production model.