The newly acclaimed 2016 Honda Pilot has changed for the better as it trimmed down its sharp edges and is once again smooth. With the newest update the car is a more appropriate family SUV for any situation and gives us a better performance rate than it had. With the smooth exterior you would not mind to be seen on the road driving around in this sort of a vehicle.

The previous look of the car which was incorporated back in 2009 was added to enhance the popularity of the Pilot vehicle and wanted to bring it to a larger crowd, particularly the more youthful one. Yet this was not a good choice as they managed to lose more than they could get. With the rounded shape the car also adds some performance tweaks under the hood making the engine a bit more performance orientated. There is even more to say about the inside of the car which peaks with the highest trim that is the Elite level.

2016 Honda Pilot
2016 Honda Pilot

The original Honda Pilot car was a pioneer in its segment as it strived to bring a more rugged SUV for the fans. It was one of the first SUV cars that offered that sort of a setup for the people The original also offered lots of seats, a very manageable driving perspective and some superb visibility all neatly wrapped inside a Honda body. This new 2016 Honda Pilot will try to bring back some faith to the brand which it had lost over the course of years. Read the rest of the review and find out what the vehicle is going to be equipped with and what specs it holds.

2016 Honda Pilot exterior

The design of the newest 2016 Honda Pilot is going to change considerably if we compare it from the previous version that was released back in 2009. Yes, the Pilot was a revolutionary vehicle back in its day and used some softened edges and a slim roof pillar with a contemporary box crossover design. All of that changed with the next release where more edges and more lines were added and the car turned for the worse in everyone’s opinion. The 2016 promises to make a comeback to its traditional roots and not just the Pilot roots but also the SUV roots. It becomes much more handsome looking with its organic and rounded shape now. It has a beautiful front end and a nicely finished rear which combine to a swell looking and down to earth car now.

2016 Honda Pilot front
2016 Honda Pilot front

As the previous car looked a bit too much over the top with a muscle-bound exterior to it, there was a large need for a change that would bring the vehicle down to earth a bit. The designers from Honda have perhaps saved this line by going back to the roots. The car looks more appropriate now and immediately attracts more people than it used to before. Just by looking at pictures of the car you notice how much it has changed for the better.

2016 Honda Pilot  back
2016 Honda Pilot back


The interior of the 2016 Honda Pilot has a very different setting compared former old blocky and plasticky design. The current setting has been remodeled so much that we are able to forgive the misadventure that was made with the previous car. The trim levels are nice and appropriate and go well with the design of the car and overall provide a good mix of comfort and luxury on the inside of the car. We see a lot of elements transferred from the Accord vehicle and a lot of utility elements that are seen inside the CR-V vehicle.

2016 Honda Pilot interior
2016 Honda Pilot interior

All the line and trim levels of the inside of the car have been subdued, but the touchscreen has been kept for inside of the Pilot this time as well. The upper trim levels have more going on inside of them and gain a higher package of materials and additions on the inside. The 2016 Honda Pilot also has a panoramic roof option given on the inside which is the first ever one placed inside this car.


Under the hood of the 2016 Honda Pilot there is still going to be a V-6 engine version, but this one is going to be an updated version of the previous one which gives us an output of 280 horsepower. It is going to be paired with a six-speed automatic, of for the Elite version you can get the same engine but a new nine-speed transmission. The FWD comes as standard while the AWD can be added optionally and the car also gets a traction management system. Another great thing to know is that the vehicle adds 5000 pounds of tow capacity to its specs column as well.

Price and release date

The base MSRP price this year for the newest 2016 Honda Pilot version is set at 29,995 USD. The EX trims can be purchased for $33,310, while the Elite version is available for sale at a price of $47,300. All the trim levels will be released at once when the car is being offered in dealerships next year. The release date has been scheduled at around February next year.




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