Honda NSX 2015

This year marks the release of the new 2016 Honda NSX vehicle. The car is a legendary release that was originally one of the first supercars released by Honda and it managed to performance exceptionally well even with a multitude of flaws that came with it. But today we have a much fiercer competition that do not allow automakers to make mistakes so all the bugs needed to be fixed and the production of the vehicle mad perfect so it could be a success. This is why the Honda NSX gets a redesign for the 2016 model year.

2016 Honda NSX
2016 Honda NSX

The NSX vehicles of the past were models that were fairly simple in design and which managed to achieve great velocity and speed through incorporating many simple design cues and additions to their look and design. But adding an aluminum body with to a two-seater and slapping on an automatic transmission does not work anymore. This is why the newest 2016 Honda NSX uses three electric motors, twin turbos, torque vectoring and no fewer than 10 individual powertrain coolers to help it perform better and be a contender on the market.

The production of the 2016 Honda NSX took longer that it was originally expected as there was a lot of design management that needed to be done. The people from Honda said that they wanted to do a perfect job before releasing their newest vehicle. The production of this car was worth the wait and we think that we get a generally better car with many design elements that will be even better and that will also make the car a much useful addition to the Honda lineup. Check out the review to see what are the specs that await for you with the newest NSX car.

2016 Honda NSX exterior

The shape of the new exterior of the 2016 Honda NSX is not anything revolutionary nor does it offer anything special, but in fact it offers just enough in terms of making a good vehicle. The shape of the car has been made in a way that it bolstered the speed and makes the car go faster. So with an aerodynamic setup we get a lot more performance of the car as its specs go through the roof. This is a performance super car so it is expected to be fast and letting the engine do all the work is not appropriate. Thus the car remains in a similar shape that it was before but gives us a bunch of elements that can be described as new and speed bolstering.

2016 Honda NSX front
2016 Honda NSX front

The 2016 Honda NXS also receives a lightweight design. The materials include a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber elements which are meant to deliver the most appropriate speed upgrade possible. This time it manages to even tone down the engine sound so you do not feel like driving in a F1 track. All in all, the construction of the NSX vehicle was primarily made to enhance the performance of the car and they have managed to achieve that with some old school construction bolstered both some modern engineering.

2016 Honda NSX  back
2016 Honda NSX back


The interior of the 2016 Honda NSX has been perfectly balanced. The combination of comfort and usefulness has been done here perfectly, giving us a full potential of getting a very nice and appropriate inside of the car. The people from Honda have concentrated on making this a perfect surrounding for the driver and thus have managed to add some very comfy and appropriate sports seats which keep your posture balanced and your driving in check. The driving position has been made low so it gives you a better feel of being in a sports car and a better sense of control while also enabling you better visibility which has been enhanced this time.

2016 Honda NSX interior
2016 Honda NSX interior


The design of the center console is a bit minimalistic which further enhances the emphasis on a driver orientated cabin. That way the driver is not tampered by any elements form the dash that may impair its driving ability. The design of the control cluster is also very premium like and it actually seems as if it worth a lot more than it actually does, but in fact it is completely on par with the given price range. Finally, the steering is redesigned and has a bit of an odd shape to it. There are bulges at both ends of the cockpit and plastic shift paddles are also added which throw us a bit off, but nevertheless is keeps a down-to-business-like cabin.


The engine specs are the most important and the most noteworthy part of every car, and the 2016 Honda NSX is no exception to this either. The car uses a 3493cc twin-turbocharged 75°V6 plus 3 x e-motors engine that can develop 565hp at a rate between 6500rpm-7500rpm and 476lb ft at a rate of 2000rpm. It combines with a Nine-speed paddle shift DCT system and comes with an all-wheel drive ability. It is able to achieve a speed of 62 mph in less than 3 seconds and has the rated top speed of 191mph. Is there more than a person needs with a supercar like this one. The performance rates are off the chart and are well ordered for a stellar performance that the car promises.

Price and release date

The newest 2016 Honda NSX is going to be available for sale next year. The release date has yet to be scheduled officially but it is certain that it becomes available for the period of next year. You will be able to purchase it upon order and it is going to be immediately available at the US market as well. The price is not for the faint-hearted ones as they car is being offered at a base MSRP price of £120,000.