2016 Honda Element Review

Finally the time has come for the 2016 Honda Element to shine. After some initial teases and a bunch of advertisement the model is getting ready to step onto the big stage and finally give us what we have been waiting for quite some time now. Perhaps this is not the most attractive model in terms of its name compared to the other big releases that Honda had but it is a worth contender in its field. That and also the Element car has managed to gain a lot of sympathy from the community due to its appearance and looks.

The model was first introduced in 2011 and was a very interesting model at first. It did not generation as much as hype as other prominent models that came out of the Japanese automaker’s production line and was actually regarded as a sleeper release. After some time later the Honda Element managed to gain a huge fan base which has expanded each year leading up to the needs of the market for another model. The new model has been in the makings for years now and we are finally getting the release right here.

2016 Honda Element rear view

The newest 2016 Honda Element is going to shape the exterior in its familiar way and upgrade certain things about the car. The model is going through a redesign but not a rash and big one which will not see a departure from its initial shaping and the things that made it a known vehicle. What is also important for the brand is that the updates are much more noticeable on the inside as it brings us a worthy contender. More about the specs and the price of the car you can read below in the review.


The 2016 Honda Element will host an already established and familiar shape. The model is not going to change that much, at least on the outside, as they are going to keep the familial look which already made the car popular and known in the world. The Element is going to have lots of minor changes which are something that can be regarded as a refresh. The brand has not been changed ever since its first release date so we are expecting to see some more modern features and innovative additions that manage to give the car a steady yet a familiar look.

2016 Honda Element side view

The Element will add some features that Honda is giving all of its newest models. First off all the model is getting a rearview camera which is now considered a standard for every model that comes with a Honda badge. The short hood has not been extended but it has received a new and fresher design which also goes for the bumpers. The combination of both gives us a vigilant model that is going to last longer on the market and present a better offer all-together. Generally speaking, the car has some refined yet rugged aesthetics to it which the vehicle did not posses before.


The interior of the 2016 Honda Element is going to be a bit enhanced compared to before. This means that the upgrades added are going to shape a pretty modern and more than attractive vehicle now. The fist thing that is mentioned is that the interior is going to feature more space. The cabin is a bit larger and thus offers much more comfort and interior spacing for the people that are meant to go inside. Both the driver and the passengers are going to feel at ease and are going to be more than comfortable entering the vehicle.

2016 Honda Element interior

The SUV is primarily meant for hauling people and works very well for longer family trips, for that reason the gadgets on the inside have been expanded and we are receiving a lengthy and efficient proposal of additions. The car will expand its infotainment system, it will add more modern equipment and help the family pass the time in a better and more fun way than they would with a regular type of a vehicle.

2016 Honda Element interior view


The 2016 Honda Element is going to have quite a steady and reliable power source. The engine under the hood which is going to be use is a four-cylinder 2.4-liter V-TEC engine which is going to provide just what the Element needs. The model is going to expand to an output of 150 horsepower and 160 lb-ft of torque which is going to give it a boost compared to the setup that the model had with the previous model. The EPA ratings are also available and the specs say that there is going to be an enhanced fuel economy available with 20/25 mpg city/highway.

Price and release date

2016 Honda Element exterior

The new 2016 Honda Element comes available this year and the vehicle is going to be in stores by midyear. The car has a scheduled release date for June when it will be offered on the American market. The Japanese release comes earlier. The bottom price is set at around  $ 30,000.




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