2016 Honda Civic SI Release Date, Specs, Review, Price – For starters, the new Honda Si is the top most trim of the entire Honda Civic line-up, it pretty offers its users virtually everything you could expect from a small family car. To sweeten things further, it also comes with one of the most respected engines the Japanese automobile giant has.

2016 Honda Civic SI
2016 Honda Civic SI

On top of that, it is already a known fact that Honda has one of the best tweaked chassis in the entire global car industry. As for this year’s SI model, buyers should expect the vehicle to be only a customised version of the current model.

The new vehicle will receive cosmetic changes in its interior and exterior configurations. Also it will come with an updated engine and chassis that will certainly put it above its rivals. As for now, the automaker hasn’t uttered anything pertaining the anticipated new vehicle yet.

Notwithstanding, industry pundits here at ‘All About Cars’ have gathered all the important titbits that you will find intuitive and will certainly bring you up to speed with everything you need to know about the upcoming new 2016 Honda Civic Si.

Engine Specs – Honda Civic Si 2016

As already mentioned above, the new SI model will undoubtedly come equipped with one of the best technology Honda ever invented for its new cars. The engine will certainly be impressive in terms of its output figures and performance.

The previous model used a 2.4L 4-cylinder engine powerplant that yielded up to 205 horsepower and 174 pounds of torque, rumours allege that the new model will also make use of the same engine but with improved engine specs.

Additionally, the current model has maintained impressive fuel return of 22/31 in the city/highway, which are also expected to improve in the new model projected to cause jitters for vehicles deemed to be its formidable rivals.

According to well-placed sources privy to the latest developments in the Japanese automaker, the power will most likely come from a 2L, direct injected turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that will confidently generate an impressive output speculated to be around 300 hp and a red line of about 7000 rates per minute.

As for the new 2016 Honda Civic sedan, its enthusiasts should not expect a new engine also, the drivetrain will also be carried over from its precursor. Under its hood will be the same old 1.8L4-cylinder engine that has an output of around 140 hp.

Another viable option will be the 2.4 inline four cylinder capable of yielding around 201hp. the sedan will also come with a hybrid powerplant that will combine an electric motor and a four cylinder petrol engine.

2016 Honda Civic Si Interior Photos

Inside the new 2016 Honda Civic Si will be one of the top rated interior designs of all times. Being the top model in the entire line-up, the vehicle will come adorned in quality materials that will rival those of Audi and Mercedes.

Once inside the cabin, you immediately realise that it looks sharp and functional at the same time. The seats come in leather upholstery, while the entire cabin is adorned in metal accents. The dashboard comes revitalised with bespoke equipment and infotainment systems.

2016 Honda Civic SI interior
2016 Honda Civic SI interior


The basic model of the new 2016 Honda Civic comes equipped with several high-tech features that will offer you a glimpse of what to expect from the top rated Si model. Standard features include premium audio system, satellite navigation, and an electronic system.

As for the top model, expect the following to come standard, a panoramic roof, satellite navigation, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, leather upholstery, etc.

Exterior Design of the Honda Civic Si 2016

Exterior wise, the new vehicle will come equipped with an aerodynamic body that will offer many goodies including stability and enhanced fuel economy ratings. Both the hatchback and the coupe will receive their own unique front fascia.

2016 Honda Civic SI front
2016 Honda Civic SI front

The front fascia will include LED foglights which will be a first in this model. As for the back of the model, buyers should expect the new model to be almost similar to the coupe in certain aspects.

2016 Honda Civic SI back
2016 Honda Civic SI back

The sedan will reach out for a small spoiler that will be incorporated into the trunk door while the coupe will go for different taillights and exhaust systems.

2016 Honda Civic Si Price & Release Date

The price of the new 2016 Honda Civic Si will start at around 24,000 USD and will reach as much as 30,000 USD for a fully fitted model.

2016 Honda Civic SI release date
2016 Honda Civic SI release date

The vehicle will most probably hit the market somewhere before the close of this year or early next year in 2016. The 2016 Honda Civic Type R will make its debut later next year.