2016 Ford Lightning Review

The market is welcoming its new medium Ford truck, dubbed the 2016 Ford Lighting. The market is in a desperate need of new ideas and models and there is certainly not a shortcoming of great ideas, but there is a shortcoming of how to use them properly. Ford has managed to come out with a great model which exemplifies both of the given situations and provides a great solution directly to the consumers.

The model which makes its debut this year once its release date is finalized is the 2016 Ford Lightning which is going to be a great substitute for an SUV and will combine the features and design cues of both a sedan and an SUV. This is something that was thought to be unbelievable at a time but is going to show a lot of prominence as the first interest coming from the fans have shown.

2016 Ford Lightning white color

The vehicle is certainly a surprise for everyone, but a very welcomed kind of a surprise. It is a medium duty pickup truck, something that we did not have before and is an idea that is going to spark some future models and makings which promise to build the name of Ford in the future. Ford is certainly not shy of truing something new and they are directly showing it by providing us with this model. Keep reading the review for more stats and information.


The model is going to have a brand new look and the 2016 Ford Lightning promises a determine and steady look. As this is a new model it is still going to be based on some other models that have been produced by Ford. But the resemblance is uncanny and does not show that much so you will not notice this being a combination of some fresh models from Ford. But there are a number of improvements made to the model which is going to make the bodywork appealing as well as appropriate for this type of a car.

2016 Ford Lightning front view

The grille is going to be something that we have never seen before and is going to be a strong part of this setup. Additionally the headlights take a turn for the better with them being remodeled compared to some older models. All in all, the exterior appearance is as classy as it gets for this type of a segment and is enough for even a casual fan to get interested into this model.


The interior is perhaps a more important part of the car than its outside as the 2016 Ford Lightning tires to make some new standards happen. This would usually go the other way around when it comes to models that have such an utility purpose, but the Lightning manages to offer a new and improved interior which screams comfort and also makes the best possible usage of the available materials. In fact, it is going to use some high-grade ones that bring forth added comforts and appeal as well, which will manage to make the fans extremely happy.

2016 Ford Lightning interior

Compared to other products that have come from Ford, the Lightning is going to redesign and reshape the interior setup. We are not getting anything revolutionary, at least that is not the case with this model, but we are getting something different which may shape the future of both the company and this brand. The look is certainly unique and as we can tell extremely comfortable. We are looking forward to this vehicle coming any time soon and will appreciate the possibility of using it.


The indications about the powertrain of the 2016 Ford Lightning are many as there are a lot of assumptions which one is the best to utilize. Well there is certainly going to be some new technology managed somewhere there but Ford is currently keeping it under wraps. What we expect to see is a 5.3 liter V8 engine that provides ample power and is going to be enough to manage all of the jobs the vehicle is offered for. With the capability of this engine you are probably going to make a lot of progress in terms of utility and we are hoping to see this model in action soon.

Price and release date

2016 Ford Lightning side view

As the car was first rumored about with the spy photos that were released and later the official pictures, the release date of the 2016 Ford Lightning is getting extremely close. We are going to see it available for sale by the end of this year as the model is shaping up for its final touches. The price is also going to be released pretty soon and we are expecting it to be somewhere around 40.000 dollars.





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