Among the Ford hybrids and plug-in hybrid options that are available comes yet another fuel efficient release, the 2016 Ford Focus Electric. This is by all means not a new release nor is it something that is revolutionary, but it is something to get excited about. This vehicle has flown under the radar for all of its career but with this update the car may come out of the shadow if its bigger and more popular brethren.

The Ford Focus Electric was released in 2012 and was not a standout vehicle at first, particularly as it had to deal with the much more popular Kia Soul EV and the Volkswagen eGolf models that have already been established in this field. But the low-key styling of the Focus was something that helped the car as not it is the prime time for it to step it up a bit and start selling more.

2016 Ford Focus Electric front view, grille

The Focus Electric will offer you solid performance numbers and will give us similar specs as the Volkswagen eGolf does. This means that they resemble the gasoline version specs from the performance standpoint. But the established electric cars in the industry still have more experience in the segment and still have a certain edge when it comes to the evolution and them normalizing the electric car industry. This is the adversity the Ford Focus Electric will have to battle against.

As the electric car industry is experiencing a boom in the market and as these type of cars have become a regular household item like the hybrids already are, so will the need for new and diverse vehicles rise as well. The 2016 Ford Focus Electric has a lot to offer this time and many of the advantages is concerned with the equipment that the vehicle has been updated with.

2016 Ford Focus Electric alloy wheels and taillights

The vehicle got a price cut some time ago so we assume that the car is going to hold the same pricing or perhaps go a bit higher this time but all in all it will be an affordable choice. The info about the release date and the price ranges is available here so keep reading to find out the latest scoop.

2016 Ford Focus Electric interior news

What the interior of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric brings to us is an upscale look. This is something that is very much appreciated and welcomed with the design for the newest model. There is an electroluminescent dash which further enables you to customize the infotainment system. The center stack has the MyFord Touch infotainment system which is available front and back. The standard gasoline powered model is going to be completely the same as this one as always, with the only exception being the fuel gauge monitor for the battery status. There is still a five seat passenger setup but less cargo space than inside a regular one as the battery pack consumes more space.

2016 Ford Focus Electric interior

The seats are very comfortable and are upholstered with Ford’s 100 percent recycled-content Repreve fabric. The list of standard equipment is immense as it holds the  dual-zone climate control, a backup camera, Sirius satellite radio, push-button start and many more. You can also use the  MyFord Mobile app to connect and sync your smartphones with the the vehicle as well. Also the SYNC interface system comes as standard and has been upgraded and improved for this version.

Exterior design and changes

The exterior design of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric does not seem like your everyday electric vehicle. Also the Focus Electric is not easily distinguishable compared to your base Focus model, but there are certain differences that help you determine which is which. One of the differences is the new and unique grille design that is apparent here and a new set of wheels as well. All in all, it is a Ford subcompact family car with the sheet metal the company is already famous for. So what we get is a handsome car with an a horizontal-bar grille and narrow headlights.

This time the flanks of the car have been smoothed a bit and in fact they have been becoming smoother and smoother over the years resulting in a more aerodynamic car. The tailgates and the silhouette is the same as before and has not changed which is the same for the hatchback models but just add the spoiler. The charging port is on the left front fender and is distinctive in a way s it is surrounded by LED lights when being used. Finally, the 17-inch wheels come as standard.


Under the hood of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric the gasoline engine is being substituted by a permanent-magnet electric motor producing 143 horsepower. The power is provided via a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack and the power of the engine is good enough to carry the added weight of the battery. A single-speed transmission is used, which is the case with all the electric powered cars, as it provides the driver with a top speed of 84 mph. The car has an official drive range of 76 miles which makes it an appropriate amount for any sort of a drive.

2016 Ford Focus Electric engine

Price and release date

Making this car great is not only the build, the range it can drive nor the efficiency it provides the people. The price is an important factor for the 2016 Ford Focus Electric as it comes available at a base MSRP of  $29,170. The vehicle is going to be available this year and comes out in April when the release date is set.







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