2016 Ford Atlas Concept silver

2016 Ford Atlas Concept Interior, Specs, Release Date, Price – The Ford Atlas concept, that made its debut in 2013, is on its way to usher in a much improved version of itself this year. The 2016 Ford Atlas was presented this year but it remains the 2016 version since its production and sale is meant to commence next year. This car is one of the best sold domestic vehicle in America

According to sources, the 2016 Ford Atlas concept was the fruits of intensive research and design on fuel economy, capacity improvements and modern technology. This is very evident from the futuristic look the Atlas exhibits.

The 2016 Ford Atlas, also known as the Ford F-150, comprises of 13 generation models based upon it. Below is an in depth review of this massive and powerful truck.

2016 Ford Atlas Concept on Automotor show

2016 Ford Atlas Concept Exterior Photos

The exterior outlook of the 2016 Ford Atlas is breath taking. The car has a futuristic and aggressive look. The F-150 series is based on an aluminum platform which considerably reduces the car’s overall weight. For truck lovers, staring at one of these trucks is a sight to behold.
From the front, the 2016 Ford Atlas Concept has a sturdy fascia with a heavy rectangular grille that has massive nostrils ever designed on a standard pickup truck. It also spots double deck headlights. In spite of the massive grille, the aerodynamics have been maintained thus ensuring the cars performance is not affected by its design.

From the side view, the truck has convex wheel arches and a drop down belt line at the front doors. The car is slightly longer than the previous F-150 models to increase space and carrying capacity. Also, the truck comes with four passenger doors.

2016 Ford Atlas Concept Interior Changes

From the interior, the color theme is mostly black and gray. The 2016 Ford Atlas is very spacious to ensure comfortability for all occupants during travel. The seats are expected to be upholstered in soft leather because these trucks are mostly used for off-road adventures.
The interior cabin is also fitted with lighting and a 360 degree camera to capture the area around the truck including the cargo cradle. It is also fitted with metallic and wooden accents. These are things you wouldn’t find in just any truck.
In addition to all that, Atlas comes with an 8” touch screen control panel at the center of the dashboard for the driver. Well if that’s not enough, even the passengers will have access to their own touch screen control panels in the rear seats to control various functions of the truck. The Atlas also comes with a fully functional and well organized instruments panel.
2016 Ford Atlas Concept left side
Other fancy luxuries of the Atlas include a functional air conditioning system, wireless connection options and a modern audio system among others. On safety matters, the truck comes with some optional features like the adaptive cruise control, lane and blind-spot monitoring systems.

Engine Specs – 2016 Ford Atlas Concept

Under the hood, the 2016 Ford Atlas concept engine comes in four different types. First off, we have the base engine that is a 3.5ltr V6 that yields 383 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. There’s also a new 2.7ltr V6 EcoBoost engine that yields 325 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. Lastly, there’s also a 5ltr V8 type that yields 360 horsepower and 380lb-ft of torque. This sums up to four main engine types for the 2016 Ford Atlas Concept.
The most economic engine in fuel consumption is the 2.7l that averages at 24 MPG. The base engine operates at 18MPG for city and 25MPG for highway but the 5ltr V8 goes up to 19MPG. All models will come with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The truck is also expected to make 0-60MPH in 8.1 seconds. Also on performance, the new Atlas is also expected to tow up to 12,200 pounds of load.

All engine types come with both rear and all-wheel drive modes. In addition the truck will be fitted with an auto start-stop system.

2016 Ford Atlas Concept Price & Release Date

2016 Ford Atlas Concept front grill
Depending on the truck edition, the price is expected to differ ranging from USD $27,000 to USD $53,000. The 2016 Ford Atlas Concept release date is not yet clear but sources say that it may hit the market sometime next year. In its class are various trucks like the Dodge Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado.