2016 Dodge Journey SUV Review

The newest 2016 Dodge Journey SUV has been made and announced for release and will come out just in a few months. The car is going to be everything what you would expect from a good SUV car and is something that we are used to getting from the Journey model. But the downfall of this one is that we do not get an all technologically savvy setup as we would have wanted nor have the security upgrades been made. Nevertheless, this is still a fine vehicle which is worth considering.

2016 Dodge Journey SUV exterior, side view, silver color, alloy wheels

The Dodge Journey has another unique ability that no other vehicles in the market has. If you are in two minds in choosing between a minivan and an SUV, pick the Dodge Journey as you get a combination of the two and you also have the best of both worlds that way. It splits the difference better than any other that tries to do that and brings you a great setup. This is something many people have overlooked about hits car but should consider when buying it.

The Journey is a solid pick for a family vehicle and is the least expensive option for you in obtaining a vehicle with three rows of seating. The car has great value for money and can be considered as one of the favorites in that manner as well. For a number of year the Journey SUV has continued its tour unchanged and new models were made without any significant changes. It actually offers more space, in terms of dimensions, than most of the crossover compact cars you have in the market. So from that point of view this is an exceptional vehicle that you will enjoy very much.

2016 Dodge Journey SUV rear view, taillights and tailpipe

In the market where the Durango and the Charger SUVs are the most famous and popular models, the 2016 Dodge Journey tries to stake its claim for contention. This vehicle comes with a whole new setup which is much more valuable than the one before. Check out the review and see what it actually is.

2016 Dodge Journey exterior news update

The Journey has never had an exasperating look, and so will the 2016 Dodge Journey continue to be. While always being somewhere in between a wagon and an SUV it managed to completely become something which might call as its own. Thus the Journey is a car with some bland characteristic but some very good utility and performance and although it has always tried so hard to be one of the vehicles it always wanted to be it will never reach the heights of the vehicle it tries to copy. The main reason for the existence of the Journey is incorporating the usability of a minivan and incorporating  it with something more pleasing for the eye. If you need the practicality of a minivan but do not want the look of one, the Journey is a perfect car, but know that you are also not getting a full wagon like look as well.

2016 Dodge Journey SUV front view, headlights and grille

The 2016 Journey has a somewhat slab-sided exterior look and it combines it with chiseled sheetmetal design and  flared wheelwells. The car also has some squared shoulders that combine with the design that are combined with some creased sheetmetal in that area as well. You can view the design in two ways actually, it is either refreshing and different  in a segment which demand for curvaceous crossover designs or it is actually conservative and anonymous among the top vehicles in the segment. As the car features more past which have been unchanged and carried over for the newest model it appears that the Journey is becoming more of the later than the former description.


There are some advantages and disadvantages for the interior of the 2016 Dodge Journey. It is a model which has adopted a smooth and swoopy interior design but does not have that warm-and-organic look that some other vehicle in the segment have, particularly like the ones from the same brand like the Dart, Durango and Charger models. But we think that there is a lot of appeal in the simple layout the Journey has to offer us. The large dials and knobs are framed with some highly quality materials despite them being dark. There is enough brightwork added to make the interior a nice setting for anyone to drive in and give it a much more upscale look than it is.

2016 Dodge Journey SUV interior, steering wheel, gear shift knob, dashboard, lcd screen

The dash has a soft design with a metallic trim combined which actually directs you through the entire dash that way. The center stack is countered and mainly dominated by rounded gauges and has a blocky steering wheel design which goes with the entire dash all-together. The main piece is a large infotainment center which is positioned on the center stack part which is placed just beside the middle strip of the bright trim. It may not have all the attractiveness that other Dodge cars have but the Journey has its own personal appeal on the inside

2016 Dodge Journey engine performance

The base from of the 2016 Dodge Journey uses a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. This one is enough to bring you 177 horsepower and comes exclusively combined with a four-speed automatic and front-wheel drive system. But if this is not enough for you there is the option of using the 3.6-liter V-6 engine which makes much more and has a larger output. With 283 horsepower and a six-speed automatic you also get a choice between a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive. The second engine option is not just a better choice in terms of the provided power but also has better acceleration and responsiveness and it makes you feel much more modern and authoritative in this sort of a package.

2016 Dodge Journey SUV engine

Price and release date

The 2016 Dodge Journey comes in different trims available and the base one is going to cost 20.995 USD as a base MSRP price. Other come at a larger pricing which is still an affordable price compared to other vehicle in the segment. Thus the SXT front wheel drive is priced 24,895 USD while the all-wheel drive option is 28,395 USD. The highest priced version is the R/T all-wheel drive one which costs  33,695 USD. The release date for the Journey SUV is scheduled for just a few months so you can expect it to be out in April.




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