2016 Dodge Barracuda Review – For quite some time now, rumours have suggested the possibility of the forthcoming of the new 2016 Dodge Barracuda. It is a sports coupe that promises to surpass the expectations of everyone. In this review we are going to inform you about the release date, price and such details.

2016 Dodge Barracuda
2016 Dodge Barracuda

The new 2016 ‘Cuda’ will be based on a new platform different from the previous model currently in the market. Within the last ten years, it has become rather common for auto motors to revive old cars that were popular then, among them is the anticipated new 2016 Dodge Barracuda.
When it comes to resuscitating an old car, it all comes down to the looks. We can therefore expect the new 2016 Dodge Barracuda to come with refreshing tweaks on both the interior and exterior parts.

Car Exterior

The new 2016 Dodge Barracuda is undoubtedly the most anticipated replacements car enthusiasts expect the auto maker to make. The new car will therefore undergo some facelifts to the current model.

2016 Dodge Barracuda front
2016 Dodge Barracuda front

First, the new car will be made of lightweight materials which will include carbon fibre and aluminium which will in effect lower the curb weight of the car. This will result in better performance and enhanced fuel economy.

2016 Dodge Barracuda back
2016 Dodge Barracuda back

Second, the new 2016 Dodge Barracuda will be redesigned with the effect of making the car more aggressive and powerful. The new model will also have a lowered body which will give it a leaner look.

Design of Interior

The interior of the new 2016 Dodge Barracuda will receive some much awaited refreshing new looks such as new materials and technological features.

2016 Dodge Barracuda interior
2016 Dodge Barracuda interior

A new infotainment system will be featured in the new ‘Cuda’ which will provide the passengers on board an entertaining experience and the driver an easy access to control features as well.

New features will include a new audio system, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, climate control and tons of others.

2016 Dodge Barracuda Engine Specs

2016 Dodge Barracuda Engine

Engine wise, the new 2016 Dodge Barracuda is going to offer three engine options for now. In such a scenario, the new Barracuda will have one muscle engine and two other smaller engines.


One of the petite engines will be a 2.4L four cylinder Tigershark engine which is the most fuel efficient variant. The next one will be a 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine while the last engine to be offered will be a 6.2L supercharged Hemi engine.

The engine will be able to generate a staggering 600 hp. All the above mentioned engines will be powered to an 8-speed automatic transmission system. Furthermore, they will also be installed with a FWD drive system.

2016 Dodge Barracuda Release Date and Price

The new Dodge Barracuda concept is expected to make an appearance mid 2017. No official announcement has been made, however, buyers should expect the price to range from $25000-$50000 depending on the variant chosen.

2016 Dodge Barracuda release date
2016 Dodge Barracuda release date