2016 Dodge Avenger Release Date, MSRP Price, Specs, Review, Engine – The news about the release of the Dodge Avenger has taken everyone by surprise. The latest rumors were that this brand was facing discontinuation and that there are not going to be any more vehicle form this line. Yet, Dodge is going for another go at it with the release of the 2016 model that will be perhaps the last one before the eventual discontinuation of the car.

2016 Dodge Avenger
2016 Dodge Avenger

The original Dodge Avenger was released back in 1995 for the first time. It was the first mid-sedan vehicle that was offered by Dodge and it provided as initially a pretty good choice and an interesting offer for most. Yet the popularity of the car has subsided in recent times and there were not many recent releases that were convincing enough to keep this car on the market.

The latest vehicle is going to address some issues that the car had with the latest model but we assume that it is still not going to save it from being discontinued. A high performance car like the Avenger will have a lot of updates now and many of them will focus on the performance and on enhancing the specs of the car. The lasts release may include a larger price, which does not fair good for its popularity, but an updated look and innovation method that the vehicle comes with. Read the review to see what the end result of the 2016 Dodge Avenger might be.

2016 Dodge Avenger exterior

Considering the fact that this is going to be the last release of the Dodge Avenger, the 2016 model will only features slight variations. This means that the car will be updated with only minor changes that are not going to affect the exterior that much. Dodge will perhaps feel that it is not necessary to put so much resources into completely redesigned the car so close to its discontinuation so the latest model will be offered with a few changes. What is initially expected to be seen and changed is the style of the bumper and the redesigned fenders. There are talks about adding halogen lights and which will be made a bit wider with eh blinkers added beneath in an L-shaped way. The updated of the wheels is to be expected and Dodge has already announced the 18-inch ones that are going to be used.

2016 Dodge Avenger front
2016 Dodge Avenger front

The car will still retain its attractive form which was the characteristic of the vehicle through its existence. The car has always been a handsome one and has had a design that attracted many people. The new 2016 Dodge Avenger will continue on with the same premise and will add some additions to enhance the exterior look of the car, but as we mentioned don’t expect too much of it as it is going to be in a minor way.

2016 Dodge Avenger back
2016 Dodge Avenger back


The interior has not been discussed so much. The latest Dodge Avenger will have an updated interior, but it is uncertain to which extent. If we are to guess, we think that the same thing is going to be done as with the exterior. As this is the last Avenger that we are going to see, there is not much effort in drastically or revolutionary designing the interior. The comfort levels are going to be sound as they were in the previous incarnations of the Avenger, but the entire update is going to be modest at best.

2 016 Dodge Avenger interior
2016 Dodge Avenger interior

We assume that the comfort features are going to be kept the same and the updates are going to include only the new seat covers that are certainly going to be added. As for the technological upgrade, Dodge will make the car a contemporary version as it needs to fight of the technologically advanced competitions of vehicles that the model will be facing, but only a standard package is expected without any drastic inclusions. The color schemes are going to remain the same and there are no announcements for something new, so a combination of a black environment with red accents is going to come back this year as well.


As the all the other parts of the vehicle have suffered only minor changes, some performance-enhancing ones are expected to be seen under the hood of the car. The 2016 Dodge Avenger will use the 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine as the base one. It will be able to produce 173 horsepower and will be paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission. Fuel consumption is going to be set at 21/29 mpg.

For now this is the only engine option that is given for the new Avenger vehicle. Although it does not come with some revolutionary changes, there are some features that make it a better offer and some that tweak the performance, there is even a rear-wheel drive added. The second engine option was not officially announced but there are some rumors that it may occur. We are waiting for the results about the other engine that may be used and we will receive them shortly before the release of the car.

Price and release date

The release date is not officially known, but according to some mentions of recently we are expecting the new 2016 Dodge Avenger in mid-year next year. So we are fairly certain that the car will be available come next July and by then all of the features that are still questionable will be cleared. The price is going to fluctuate between $20,500 – $25,800 and is going to be confirmed once all the features that make it inside the car are cleared.