2016 Chrysler Aspen Review

The 2016 Chrysler Aspen model is drawing every so closely to its release. Scheduled to appear this year, this is a model which is a great choice if you are looking to buy a complete care. With the recent changes and updates brought to it, the car has certainly featured a lot of improvements coming into a new model year. The Aspen has been absent a few years already from the market as there have not been any recent updated made no new model releases. But this is something that was expected to happen and we see a fully and compete model in front of us. What better cause for a review than this.

Chrysler Aspen is a full-size SUV vehicle with three rows of seating which is going to be brought these year to the market as part of Chrysler’s big lineup release. The model made its debut in 2006 and was a great new addition for the brand as it featured a lot of innovations brought to the model. One of them was the first use of a hybrid system for this kind of a car which came with the last incarnation of this model.

2016 Chrysler Aspen exterior

For the 2016 version of the Chrysler Aspen car we can expect a lot of updates to happen. Being absent from the market for a while has only brought the car to make it big and prompted Chrysler to give it all they got. This means some additions like an all new aggressive look with an updated and enhanced powertrain option. Read all the news, specs and updated right here and see what the announced price ranges are.

Exterior design

When we look at the latest 2016 Chrysler Aspen model we see a lot of the Chryslers dalasi that make this car a staple of the company. As they are already veterans in making SUV models it was very easy for them to produce and update this model. The original Aspen, on the other hand, was based on the exterior looks of the Dodge Durango model, and although some of the details seen on that car have been transferred here the newly minted version has a lot of things that are standard only for it itself.

2016 Chrysler Aspen front view

Entering into the new model year, Chrysler has decided to update the model a bit and not just keep it as toned down as before. The announcement was that the care was going to add a new and aggressive look, which can certainly be seen from the released pictures. The 2016 Chrysler Aspen model is going to use a lot of standard Chrysler elements seen on the recent models which are going to make this redesign possible.

2016 Chrysler Aspen rear view

Additionally, the dimensions of the car are going to stay the same as there were some speculations that the car might expand and get bigger. This is going to guarantee the same amount of room seen as before and bring ample comfit on the inside.

Interior look

Speaking of the inside, the 2016 Chrysler Aspen has brought a very good interior offer. The inside of the Aspen is still going to intake 8 people as it did before and is going to amount to enough interior space and comfort. An SUV’s prime aim is to provide enough comforts for the people inside and the Aspen is going to manage that while at the same time adding enough space in the trunk and a great cargo load as well.

The comfort levels are further extended with the fine materials that we see on the seats. The new bodywork changes the style a bit of the cabin but it does not go to such an extent compared to the previous model. It still retains most of the features seen before but adds some parts which we were able to view on the latest Chrysler cares.

2016 Chrysler Aspen interior

The infotainment is a big factor as a new LCD system has been added which you can use to control the majority of the systems in the car and use it to your advantage. Connectivity is a big factor as you can use Bluetooth to connect it with your phone and have a larger insight on the car that way also.

Engine performance

The news about the engine for the 2016 Chrysler Aspen has been vague, there were many choices that were mentioned and thrown into the mix at first, but ultimately there has to be only one. Well in this case it is going to be two. The Aspen from Chrysler is going to borrow engines from the Durango and the latest Town and Country model and bring their performance to a desired level. The base version is thus the 3.2 liter V6 Pentaster engine which is able to produce 270 hp and torque of 281 lb-ft. The added option is a more powerful one which is going to give you an output of 290 hp with the  3.6 liter Pentastar unit with V6. Both variants come standard with an AWD system.

2016 Chrysler Aspen engine

Release date and price

The latest 2016 Chrysler Aspen is scheduled to appear in the market this year and we will get to see it in a few months as the release is set for the end of August. The price is rumored to be around 40.000 USD but may rise a little bit if you get some additions for the car.






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