2016 BMW M2 Release Date, Specs, Engine, Price – Classic enthusiast cars are fading fast from the market these days. Rear wheel drive, lightweight, and manual transmission systems are rapidly becoming a thing of the past thanks to the so called innovations and futuristic perceptions of the present generation, which isn’t a bad thing.

2016 BMW M2
2016 BMW M2

However, when an automaker promises that a new model will be offered with above mentioned traditional features, it makes sense when such unveiling causes so much hype in the auto scene especially for the ‘conservatives’.

We can all reminisce when BMW unveiled the 1 series M back in 2010, the hype was immediately rewarded with a powerful and compact sports car with all the titbits borrowed from the M3, excluding even the heavy V8 model. And despite its short life in the auto market, news of a successor spread like bush fire.

The news of a new M2 have been met with praise among its enthusiasts. There are tons of rumours as to what the M2 has to offer. So let us also here at ‘All About Cars’ add fuel to the fire with fresh reports we have unearthed of the new 2016 BMW M2.

Engine Specs – BMW M2 2016

Our sources running a covert operation in Munich unearthing details of the upcoming new M2 have brought us to speed about what to expect under its hood. The vehicle will come with a 3L inline six-cylinder engine beneath its bonnet.

The engine will be able to make around 370 hp and 369 pounds of torque. Considering the weight difference between the 2-series and the 4-series, we had already mentioned that the new vehicle will certainly come with improved power output figures.

According to the Germans, the M2 will surpass the above mentioned power outputs. The engine will be tweaked and improved in order to yield around 374 hp and 384 pounds of torque, this by the simple looks of things is a negligible change, however, the slight increments will have a significant impact on its acceleration. Also underway is the AWD xDrive option.

And thanks to its compact size, the vehicle will also be very fast, the German Autobild magazine suggests that the vehicle will sprint from 0-60 mph in less than 4.3 seconds, which is very impressive by convectional standards.

According to the respected publication, the transmission system will be a seven-speed DCT gearbox that will be made available as an optional feature along with an M active differential at its posterior, and carbon fibre brakes.

That said, the standard transmission will therefore be a manual six-speed gearbox that will come as standard, unfortunately, the source doesn’t quote whether the acceleration from 0-60 mph already mentioned above is for the manual of auto transmission system. If it’s for the former, then the M3 and M4 will all be in serious trouble.

Price & Release Date of the New 2016 BMW M2

Going even deeper with their revelations, the German auto magazine goes on to claim that they also know the price tag that the new vehicle will come with even though we find that to be a fallacy.

The Autobild magazine suggests that the M2 will come with a price tag of around $71,700 which seems too good to be true. This is because the vehicle would now be $10,783 more expensive than the M235i Convertible and cheaper than the M3/M4 duo by $20,100.

If such figures would turn out to be true, then that would cannibalise the sales from either directions. Other unconfirmed rumours allege that the automaker might pull the M235i out of production when the M2 makes a debut but seems a hard nut to crack.

Bottom line, the entry of the M2 would be one hell of a car and might lead the automobile giant to reduce the price tag of both the M235 and M240i.

Interior and Exterior Photos of the New BMW M2 2016

2016 BMW M2 back
2016 BMW M2 back

The new M2 will come with several novelties that lack in the regular M235 model such as a wider track and 19” alloy wheels, powerful bonnet, new door mirrors, M aerodynamic body kit, etc. The new vehicle will also adorn an assertive look thanks to the rear bumper with 4-exhaust systems.

2016 BMW M2 interior
2016 BMW M2 interior

The new M2 is also lighter in comparison to its predecessor thanks to the extensive use of aluminium body panels including the panels. Moreover, the new M2 model will come will come with black M wheels, big cross drilled brakes, front fenders borrowed from the M235, and wider rear fenders.

2016 BMW M2  front
2016 BMW M2 front