2016 BMW i9 Release Date, Price, Review, Engine – Next year, the Bavarian motor company will be celebrating its 100 years, and the automobile giant is anticipated to mark the occasion with the unveiling of the new BMW i9 hybrid. Little information is known as for now, however we expect that the vehicle will be built on the 4-door i8-style chassis.

2016 BMW i9 
2016 BMW i9

Other speculations allege the nameplate being an odd number, will certainly make the vehicle a high performance car. The vehicle scheduled to be unveiled soon is rumoured to be sporty like the i8, reminiscent of the 9-series GT Concept or sedan sports car like the Jaguar XJ.

The Bavarian company has been mum about the details, but is doesn’t limit us from speculating and interviewing industry pundits privy of the developments in the company. Naturally, the vehicle will benefit from the same 50:50 weight distribution just like the i8, while extensive use of aluminium and carbon fibre will help keep the weight in the 3,300 pounds area despite the massive gasoline engine and an electric motor.

The vehicle will certainly be a hybrid and is slated to be sophisticated in comparison to the previous i8 model. The i8 made a debut with a 6.0kW lithium ion battery, so the new i9 will most probably feature something bigger and powerful. Keep reading the following review for the most intuitive and informative speculation about the new i9.

Engine – 2016 BMW i9

Details about the new and upcoming 2016 BMW i9 are shrouded in obliqueness since the automobile giant has not shared any information with the public. However, Motor and Sport claims that the new vehicle will come with a powerplant that generates more than357 hp and 420 pounds of torque that power the previous model.

In order to achieve the goal, the German automaker will need to replace the 1.5L 3-cylinder engine with a turbocharged 3L 6-cylinder powerplant that results into an output of around 425 hp for the M4.

Another important update will be to its electric motor which currently generates up to 129 hp and 184 pounds of torque in the i8. With the new oomph, the combination might now result in the production of 500 hp and 550 pounds of torque, enabling the supercar accelerate from zero-60 mph in less than 4 sec.

The transmission system that will be employed will be a 6-speed transmission system which is already in use in the previous model.

Price & Release Date of the New BMW i9 2016

We expect the Bavarians to build the i9’s in limited quantities and certainly sit atop the BMW line-up in terms of price tag. The most expensive Bimmer in the entire line-up is the BMW i8, which retails at around 135,700 USD. We should therefore expect the Supercar price to be in upwards of the i8 cost.

The i8 should expect several rivals which will include the Mercedes AMG GT and Audi R8

2016 BMW i9 – Interior and Exterior Design

Leather will feature prominently in the interior design of the new i9. Buyers should expect a cosy interior in comparison to the i8 and will consequently provide an awesome comfort than its predecessor.

2016 BMW i9  interior
2016 BMW i9  interior

The interior will feature some of the following features which include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and Wire-free charging which will rock the market and make the customers fall in love with them.

The plug-in hybrid will certainly be the dream of many and will feature new add-ons to both its exterior and interior configurations. The front fascia’s grille, metallic curves and sleek body will all come redesigned with an eye-catchy redesign.

The vehicle will come with many convenience, in car entertainment, control and safety features which will cement the vehicle’s stance in the sports and luxury segment. The exquisite design of the BMW i9 and extensive use of carbon fibre and aluminium will result in a lightweight vehicle.

2016 BMW i9  front
2016 BMW i9  front

The lightweight feature will result in a better driveability especially at top speeds and will greatly enhance its fuel economy ratings. Being a sports car, the vehicle will also come in a better aerodynamic body characterised by side fenders and sleek lines which will improve its performance specs.

2016 BMW i9  back
2016 BMW i9  back

Our mole is conducting an in-depth fact-finding mission deep inside the Bavarian company and will be providing the information as soon as they are available. So keep coming back to this site for more updated info pertaining the new 2016 BMW i9.