2016 BMW i8
2016 BMW i8

2016 BMW i8 Release Date, Price, Engine, Specs – Sources have told us that the iconic BMW brand is working towards achieving a faster and more powerful version of the BMW i8. The reports further suggest that the new car will replace the 228 hp 3-cylinder engine with a turbocharged 4-cylinder one that will now make up to 450 hp. the extra power is rumoured to enable the vehicle sprint from 0-60 mph in a mere 4 sec.

While no official announcements exist, the new 2016 BMW i8 is said set to celebrate its 100th anniversary which is scheduled for next year with style. The brand is looking to increase its market share by rolling out a significant number of cars to celebrate with.

Ostensibly, the new i8 might see the light of day during the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show in September, which will be closely followed by LA and Detroit Motor Shows in November and January respectively.

This vehicle will be the first to be conceived in the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept and by which the new vehicle will use to undergo production with. The vehicle reportedly comes with butterfly doors and laser headlights.

Specs – 2016 BMW i8

The new i8 is undoubtedly the flagship of the brand’s bludgeoning eco-friendly class of vehicles slated to grace its 100th anniversary. It will be offered exclusively as a coupe and will definitely make use of a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that will inevitably provide an exhilarating driving experience.

This vehicle will be among the best fuel efficient autos and demonstrates the reason why the previous i8 was unquestionably successful in the American market. The central part that will define the new 2016 BMW i8 will be a new architecture touted as LifeDrive that was unleashed by the all-electric i3 city car.

The new configurations will now include a body made of aluminium, a Drive module that includes an electric motor and a gas burning engine, lithium ion battery pack and its electronic components. Another interesting feature is the Life module that will be built entirely out of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic and will significantly be used around the 2+2 passenger compartment.

Owing to the LifeDrive architecture, the brand new vehicle will now tip the scales claimed to be around 3,285 lbs. and an excellent 50/50 weight distribution.

Price & Release date of New 2016 BMW i8

The most probable cost of this vehicle will be somewhere around 135,700 USD which will not certainly be met with cheers and standing ovation. The i8 should be expected to hit showrooms somewhere next year.


Engine – BMW i8 2016

The power that will drive the i8 will emanate from a powerplant that will consists of 231 hp turbocharged 1.5L 3-cylinder engine located behind the posterior seats while the 131 hp electric motor will be mounted on the anterior axle.

The gasoline engine will send its power to the RWD through the 6-speed auto transmission system, while the electric motor will be responsible for spinning the front wheels via a 2-stage auto.

The combined output from the gasoline engine and the electric motor will certainly propel the i8 from 0-100km/h in record 4.4 sec, while its top speed will be pegged at 155 mph. the vehicle returns up to 94 mpg in combined performance and boasts of up to 310 miles driving range in everyday conditions.

Furthermore, the vehicle will be able to operate on electricity alone for up to 22 miles at speeds capped to 75 mph. the power will be provided from the liquid-cooled 5kW lithium ion battery pack mounted below the floor.

Exterior photos and Interior design of 2016 BMW i8

The exterior dimensions of the new 2016 BMW i8 will be around 184.6” long, 51.0” tall and 76.5” wide. These dimensions will sure make it as wide and tall as Audi R8 but 10” longer. At the front fascia is a futuristic design that is characterised by LED lighting, sculpted bumpers.

2016 BMW i8 front
2016 BMW i8 front

Sideways, will be the scissor doors and aerodynamic C-pillars that have designed to improve the air flow.

2016 BMW i8 back
2016 BMW i8 back

The interior bears it all. The dashboard will be driver-centric and will be designed what BMW calls as the layering approach. The interior cabin of the 2016 BMW i8 has been created with a natural leather treated upholstery and recycled fabric that the automobile giant calls the I sub-brand’s sustainability mission.

2016 BMW i8 interior
2016 BMW i8 interior

At the centre stack is the 8.8” screen that will be responsible for BMW’s iDrive infotainment system, and which will enable the driver to use the car’s navigation, connectivity, entertainment and climate control functions.

Standard equipment will include front and rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, navigation system, etc.

Optional ones will include collision warning with high beam assistance and Connected Drive driver assistance package with 360 degree camera system.