2016 Audi S6 Release Date, Msrp, Review, Price – Trying to read the mind of a prospecting mid-size Audi buyer, I ask the question, why buy the 2016 Audi S6? First, for Audi users, for some reason doesn’t appreciate the Audi A7, which is gorgeous, unique, and almost identical to the A6 in mechanical terms. Second, the A6 doesn’t seem good enough for its price tag. Also there might be the final question, and that might be outlandish Audi sedans seem not to offer a real-life performance and require some form of ownership requirements.

2016 Audi S6
2016 Audi S6

The forthcoming new 2016 Audi S6 will be the latest release in a very long time of the distinguished line of high-performance A6 models, which Audi has made in about two decades.

The expected new vehicle will be a mid-cycle refresh and will come with some few changes under its skin, which we have already prepared in the following review. Needless to say, the exterior will retain its classy look, while the interior design will also carryover its top notch design.

Also unchanged is the turbocharged V8 Quattro AWD system.

Engine Specs – Audi S6 2016

The difference seasoned Audi buyers will find between the A6 and the S6 will be under the hoods. Whereas the A6 utilizes the 4 and 6-cylinder engines, the S6 packs a twin-turbocharged 4L V8 powerplant that produces up to 450 hp rated at between 5,800-6,400 rpm and 406 pounds of torque rated at between 1,400-5,700 rpm.

The above output will be good enough to propel the sporty sedan from 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds whilst achieving a top speed of around 155 mph. coming as an aid will be the 7-speed S-tronic dual-clutch auto that serves smooth but rapid shifts and can be controlled manually through the steering wheel installed paddle shifters.

On the other hand, Audi’s Quattro AWD system comes handy, especially when the S6 wants to conquer an inclement weather by improving the handling by sending the torque to the RWD system in order to minimise the understeer turns.

Despite such a performance feat, the S6 should not be misconstrued to be a guzzler, it is rated at 18/27 mpg. Moving on, the S6 also rides on the full air suspension system with adaptive dumpers and can be adjusted depending on the driver’s choice with a Drive Select System that also comes handy when controlling the throttle response, shift calibration and steering effort.

Audi has also made available the Cylinder deactivation system that is also partly responsible for the good fuel ratings, the system essentially turns the engine into a V4 in low throttle highway driving. This technology, well known by experts as the Cylinder on Demand, employs the active engine counts and active noise cancellation technology in order to get rid of the NVH issues that would be uncouth to such a premium Audi.

Interior Photos & Exterior Design – Audi S6 2016

The cabin will come equipped with premium materials, which should not be a surprise to anyone accustomed to Audi’s uniqueness and well-thought out innovation. The cabin will especially receive a warm reception by aesthetes, since it will come jam-packed with features such as organic lines rendered in rich soft materials and set off by metal trim and fine wood. Supportive sports seats will come equipped with cross-stitched leather, S-line instrument cluster, and a three-sport multifunction steering wheel.

2016 Audi S6 front
2016 Audi S6 front

The vehicle being a futuristic Audi will come equipped with the Multimedia interface, which encompasses an 8” display, optional heads-up display for the windshield and a 5” information LCD display.

The MMI will also come fitted with Audi’s first – ability to recognise the user’s handwriting through the input touch pad that will enable in-put of both telephone info and navigation details.

2016 Audi S6  back
2016 Audi S6 back

Coming standard for the S6 model will be Audi connect, which comes fitted with in-car Wi-Fi along with news, weather and live fuel updates. Optional items will include the navigation system, which comes with Google Earth integration complete with aerial imagery, 3D-satelite and panoramic views.

As for the exterior of the new 2016 Audi S6, one would need a time-lapse photography to see any changes. However, the grille gets more pronounced, has a slightly bolder bumper surrounding it and remains almost vertical.

2016 Audi S6 interior
2016 Audi S6 interior

The xenon lights or optional LED headlights have received a minor tweak, but the look from the front is still Audi’s. The side sills are sleeker for this year’s S6, while around back the taillights appear sharper than in the previous model’s.

2016 Audi S6 Price & Release Date

The starting MSRP for the new vehicle will most probably be around $70,000, while the vehicle is scheduled to go for sale somewhere mid this year. You could also lease the vehicle through the Audi’s financial assistance service.