2016 Audi A7 Review

Audi has been doing a lot of updating and refreshing this year, and one of the models to receive a facelift is the 2016 Audi A7 car. We have managed to find out this information due to some leaked spy photos which have shown us that the A7 is the next model in line to receive a certain update. This will be a great addition for the A7 as they plan to enhance their entire lineup in the same way and will be releasing more models after this one.

The facelift is not going to an extensive one and we are not going to see something extravagant in the making. There are only bland changes made to the outside of the car which does not affect the appearance of the car in large extent. The inside receives even less as the update includes some new colors and added features, but no serious and big reshaping done. The infotainment system is new thou and may be an exciting added factor to the model.

2016 Audi A7 front angle, headlights and grille

But under the hood, there is a lot more action for the 2016 Audi A7 made than compared to any other part of the car. The engine is going to have a few more ponies under its belt and will be able to hash out a higher performance rate than the current model. So with this update you also get a choice between three diesel and two gasoline options that are available. Unfortunately, not all of them will be available for the US market, but in order to find out which ones do get to make it read the review and additionally find out the details regarding the price and the release date.

2016 Audi A7 rear view, taillights and tailpipe

2016 Audi A7 exterior facelift

As we mentioned, the exterior update for the 2016 Audi A7 does not add much to the model that we saw before. What has changed are only a few details that are new for this model but do not change the concept in a significant manner. Yet they do make the A7 a bit more fresher than before which makes this a good change as this is the whole point of a facelift. The grille at the front has been shaped up a bit by adding eight horizontal bars now instead of seven from before and also sharpening up the corners a bit making it more edgier. The front end does not stop there as the headlamps have been revamped a bit by reshaping them and by adding LED features. The LED lighting comes as standard for this car and it uses the Matrix LEDs  which are available as an at-cost alternative.

The back side for the car also has some changes to it. The apparent ones are the parts added to the taillight. There is a bumper which is new, although it does not look that much new despite in being so. The tailpipes are also added and include a pair of trapezoid shaped pipers which are integrated into the diffuser. All in all, this is a fitting change for the car which will make it much more appropriate now and extend its use.


The inside has the same lack for detail as the other parts of the new 2016 Audi A7 for this update. They are keeping it short inside the car as well and except the update added to the infotainment system there isn’t that much going on inside. The facelift offers us a newer and faster version of the infotainment system that comes in handy but that’s pretty much it.

2016 Audi A7 leather seats and steering wheel

As far as we are concerned, the bigger news concerns the color changes which have been made for the car. This time the model comes available with five extra color choices that you can choose for the seats and combine it with the also newly offered materials. Offered materials include Valcona leather and aluminum or Beaufort walnut inlays. A final and optional choice is the MMI radio operating system which you can get with a optional heads-up display which gives you the information on the windshield.

Powertrain choices for the 2016 Audi A7

The great thing about the 2016 Audi A7 engine chicories is that all of them have received a power boost and have been updated in a manner that they are stronger than before. The bad news is that not all of them will be available for the crowds in America to enjoy. The base version is going to be the  3.0 TDI Clean Diesel which makes 218 horsepower.  We also get two more brawnier diesel options with the updated Clean Diesel  at  272 horsepower and the bi-turbo  that has 320 horsepower.

2016 Audi A7 engine

Audi A7 also gets a supercharged 3.0-liter TFSI gasoline engine, which is good enough for a production level of 333 horsepower, which has been increased from 310 hp from before. The info about the torque numbers is still not available so we are waiting for Audi to come up with those any time soon. The transmission choices, on the other hand, remain the seven-speed S Tronic and an eight-speed Tiptronic, while the base engine can be paired with a quattro all-wheel-drive.

Price and release date

The starting base price of the base version of the 2016 Audi A7 is going to be set at $65,900. The prices change depending on the engine that you get and the highest valued one will cost a total of $82,900 as base MSRP. The release date for the car is set for mid 2016 and we can expect it to come out till July.




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