2016 Kia Soul – All About The New Model

The 2016 Kia Soule vehicle is a perfect car for an urban environment. It fits right in there and is not only a practical vehicle but it is an affordable one and will make a lot of owners happy. The car has a boxy style to it now and holds some changes to the previous cars but actually holds a lot of interior space compared to its small exterior.

2016 Kia Soul frint view, yelow color, headlights

This small car is a perfect car for all of you city dwellers out there. If you are particularly living in a tight urban environment this car can be more than useful for you and for any purpose that you have for it. If anything you can easily find a parking spot for it. This is perhaps the most space-efficient and equally a fashionable vehicle that is currently available on the market. But the car does not only offer convenience in that way. It is a blessing in disguise as it also has a very affordable price tag and does not force you to spend much on fuel consumption as well.

2016 Kia Soul side view, allow wheels and headlights

The car does well to incorporate its own styling premise as well. It is a small hatchback with five doors but does not appear as your regular ones that you see everywhere around. This one does not come with a swept back profile as you would expect it to be as it has some utility properties as well and can easily be mistaken for an utility car. It is low, lean and small and it is everything you need. Read more here in this review and find out what good could also come from the latest 2016 Kia Soul car.

2016 Kia Soul exterior

2016 Kia Soul side angle, alloy wheels

Kia has done a great job with the exterior appearance of its 2016 Kia Soul. They did well to keep the style the car has started to being with and just let it naturally evolve into what it has become now. With the second generation vehicles you will see more details to its look and a much sportier appearance. What has been kept though is the roofline design and the fundamental dimensions the vehicle has. The new model uses an all new platform and also enhances the wheelbase and for that the whole overall length of the car by one inch. But the side profile of the Soul still makes it a recognizable vehicle as it keeps its initial proportions and look. It keeps the abrupt windshield pillar and the canted-back look to the roofline and they remain the trademarks of the car.

2016 Kia Soul side angle, green color

The 2012 Track’ster concept vehicle is the basis for building the contemporary Soule car. The proportions from the concept are transferred here but in truth they are not different from the first generation car at all. There are a few other things borrowed from the concept car also and they provide a much detailed look to the car. The lower air intakes are some of them and the grille and the headlamps are placed upward a bit and it results in making the hoodline be positioned a bit higher than it actually is. The back side adds floating’ body-color panel and areas where strategically there is a blackout added which has a result of making an extreme upright design with is completed with high-contrast taillamps.


2016 Kia Soul steerin wheel, lcd screen and dashboard

The interior of the 2016 Kia Soul has changed in a significant fashion. The inside is more finished now than it ever was and is an all-around better look for the vehicle and its inside. It looks like a very inexpensive small car on the inside which adds some surprisingly premium parts to its look. There are a lot of details placed on the inside that actually makes this car a lot better and more appropriate for use. The steering wheel is chunkier than before and the gauge cluster has a lot of sporty details that make it a better vehicle. There are some soft touch materials that are added from the elbow level an upwards as it poses for a much more impressive look like that and comfortable as well. In the center stack area there are a lot of buttons and tech support combinations placed there. All the video, navigation and infotainment controls are placed there and are set leaning a bit towards the driver so they are much more reachable that way. The speakers are placed a top of the side vents on the dash and are a bit elevated that way so they make a much better sound.

2016 Kia Soul interior, leather seads and gear shift knob



The 2016 Kia Soul has a few engine options that are offered for your use. The base version is perhaps not an appropriate option for higher use as we have a 1.6-liter four that makes 130-horsepower, 118-pound-feet. It is not a favorable option at any way actually but if you plan to get it with the six-speed manual transmission it can work much better. Other options that are available for you are available within the Soul Plus and Soul Exclaim hatchbacks. This versions use a 2.0-liter, direct-injection four-cylinder that can make 164 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque, and is paired with a six-speed automatic, which is only available as optional on the base version. Of course the Soul has not been devised to be a sports car and performance is not its initial tool, but if you go for a larger engine you will have more options available for you to go with already numerous advantages the Soul has in its base form.

2016 Kia Soul engine

Price and release date

The vehicle is scheduled for release this year and will make an appearance around April. The release date is set for it to be available on the market then and the numbers have already been made. The pricing for 2016 Kia Soule is set at 15,690 USD as its base MSRP, while the highest you can is around 21,000 for the upper trim version.

Photos – Gallery

2016 Kia Soul rear view, tailpipe

2016 Kia Soul front angle, hedlights and grile

2016 Kia Soul side view, green color

2016 Kia Soul side view, alloy wheels

2016 Kia Soul side view,exterior, taillights

2016 Kia Soul rear angle tailpipe and taillights

2016 Kia Soul trunk

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2015 Kia Sportage

2015 Kia Sportage Release Date, MSRP Price, MPG, Colors, Interior – The Kia Sportage vehicle is a crossover car that does not only looks good but it is also very fun to drive, and it owes this to the added turbocharged engine for the 2015 model year. The release if the 2015 Sportage car is a direct proof that crossover vehicle actually do not have to be uninteresting and boring as they can be equally great to drive and have fun with.

2015 Kia Sportage
2015 Kia Sportage

The setting where the Kia Sportage will feel the most comfortable in is a crowded street or a similar city setting. Its dimensions and great performance allow it to swoop fast along the corners and get you to the place where you need to be.  As the contenders in this class concentrate more on the interior spacing a comfort, the Kia Sportage comes with its own set of advantages. Its look is something that puts it beyond its competition as it has a great stance and a new profile to go with.

The last years model was refreshed a bit and gave the car some needed and necessary additions both to its look and some equipment to add to the utility. But this year is where it all comes together. As you were certainly able to see from the pictures of the 2015 Kia Sportage is a car that looks extremely good and is something that will make you look good as well. And as for the performance and specs of the car you will have to read on the review and find out about it more.

2015 Kia Sportage exterior

What the greatest advantage of the 2015 Kia Sportage is actually comes down to its exterior design and look. It is an extremely good looking crossover vehicle with a rakish profile that does not compare with many of the cars in its line. The biggest fault for that is the vehicle’s front end which is graced with simplicity yet has enough style to dazzle ever driver. It still uses the same Kia family grille but has an updated headlight set which are seamlessly tucked away along the sides of the grille. The combination of a reverse-bowtie blacked-out grille at the front and a newly updated spoiler at the back make for a perfect mash for the car’s exterior look.

2015 Kia Sportage front
2015 Kia Sportage front

Down its flans you will see some down sculpturing which makes the Sportage’s straight lines look even straighter and make the car slimmer looking. The overall proportions of the car are actually equal to a standard European hatch model. But actually there is one big difference that makes this car more distinguishable than the numerous European hatches and that is its high stance. It gives it more power and attitude and makes it look fresh and when we combine a snubbed nose at the front it rejuvenates the vehicle even more. It will certainly appeal more to the youthful crowd and may seem to be one of the favorites for the younger people.

2015 Kia Sportage back
2015 Kia Sportage back


The inside of the Kia Sportage has a sporty tone to it. It does not only come equipped with many accessories but it has a variety of color sets that you can choose for the inside as well. You will notice first the rectangular dash that has been fitted with big gauges on it. Although the style has changed a bit, the space of the inside hasn’t. Well there could not be any other way that to change the shape of the car altogether in order to do that. Yet as the Sportage is lacking some space inside this does not make it a useless vehicle. It good shoulder and legs spacing at the front and headspace at the back and add some redesigned seats and you get a fully designed interior for the car.

2015 Kia Sportage interior
2015 Kia Sportage interior

The accessories are numerous and came as standard for all three trim levels of the Kia Sportage. Power windows and lock, keyless entry, tilt/telescope steering wheel, USB/iPod connectivity, keyless entry are all part of the standard equipment that comes introduced inside the vehicle. But if you want a satellite radio, steering-wheel audio and phone controls you will have to opt for a higher trim. on the other hand, A navigation system with UVO eServices  comes available in the base LX trim and also in the EX and SX ones as well.


With the 2015 Kia Sportage you will have a choice between two four-cylinder engines, and with the option of adding all-wheel drive as well. The base version is the 2.4-liter direct-injection in-line four engine that can make about 182 horsepower. The best choice is to use the six-speed automatic gearbox with this option as it provides you with smooth and great shifting abilities. If you are opting for a turbocharged version found in the SX trim model, then you will have an added 260 horsepower to play with by using a turbocharged 2.0-liter four under your hood. But careful not to break the wheels with this option off as it packs quite a punch particularly during the start.

Price and release date

The car has already been showcased and is available for being released this year. The release date has been revealed a long time ago but the newest information are concerned about the price. The 2015 model of the Kia Sportage car will come available to you with a base MSRP of 21,900 USD.

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2017 Kia Sorento

We are getting ready for the latest 2017 Kia Sorento release. This is a newly announced model which is going to be delivered on the market by the end of the year, as it was estimated. The model is going to feature a lot of changes made to its exterior and is going to add new and dominantly available features.

The latest update that the Sorento car gained was for the 2016 model, apparently not long ago. But the only one year apart we are going to get changes done to this one as well. it took almost five years for the Sorento to get its only big updated as the span between the 2011 till 2016 was not that fruitful for the model. They have made sure that this car is going to be updated with ample features and will try to keep it fresh in a more periodic way.

2017 Kia Sorento rear view, exterior, black color

The latest upgrade brought a higher class fashion to the car boosted by a turbo-engine option. The much more prettier cabin and some class leading features on the indie and we got ourselves a very good looking car. The Kia Sorento 2017 is going to keep all of the changes and the feel about the car which was established with the latest model and will build up on it and expand the offer.

The latest Sorento still has room for 7 passengers and is going to rival the Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander in a great fashion as it brings us something to look forward to and something that is reshaping the face of the car. Keep on reading the review and see what else is there to be excited about this car and what are its other specs.


As the period between the 2017 Kia Sorento and the last model has not been that great we do not expect to see many changes. In fact it is going to be a similar kind of a look which the model is going to carry over from before, but it is still going to make some changes which are going to be paramount of the 2017 update. We can expect a lot from the car and most of it will be seen at the release date draws closer, but thanks to the spy photos already released a lot of things are known in advance. The Sorento has a style that makes it an SUV alternative for a Sedona minivan model. The crisp and contemporary lines of the 2016 model are going to be largely present here and still used but there is going to be an added distance made between the front and rear axles allowing for more space on the inside to fir 5 people there.

2017 Kia Sorento side view

The exterior is going to reshape some things and keep the car fresh for a longer period. There are some things that have been refurbished here that were perhaps missed out on the last redesign so this model is a kind of a filler to the previous reshaping and the previous look. Additionally, there were some new color variants announced as well and you can pick your own choice when it comes to the Kia Sorento 2017 look.

2017 Kia Sorento rear angle, taillights and tailpipe


The inside of the 2017 Kia Sorento is going to bring so much more in terms of comfort. The car has expanded on by making a lot of space available on the inside and also by making some new and luxury additions made to it. The spacing in the second row of sets is now ample while there is much more cargo room behind the third row of seats that allows you to pack even more stuff with you while packing for a holiday. The overall design simply has to be among the best in the class, it adds padded surfaces, modern shapes and some smother operating controls for the dashboard, making it much more functional and not allowing too much clutter for it.

2017 Kia Sorento interior

The 4.2 inch screen that the previous model used was exchanged for a 8-inch one and gives us crisp and detailed graphics information about any piece of date that we need. Also there are many more updated gadgets placed inside which are going to keep the previous one and expand on them with newly applied features. The previous model scored a top-rating in the crash test exams and this is going to continue with the newest model as it brings forth the same kind of setup. The gadgets implemented on the inside are going to add a lot of security for the passengers inside and is going to continue the tradition of this being a generally safe car.

Engine specs

The base engine option for the 2017 Kia Sorento is going to remain the same for now. Thus the L and LX trims keep the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine choice as its prime offer. The production level is still the same and it is going to output a total of 185 horsepower and 178 pound-feet of torque. The EX 2.0T and SX-L 2.0T  return with a turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine option which is going to provide an output of 240 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque  and a much more livelier acceleration fixture. And finally, in LX, EX, SX, and SX-L trims, there is going to be an option V6 model engine available with the 290 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque performance rate. The only transmission option is still the a 6-speed automatic and the all-wheel drive system is given optionally as last time for an added fee of course.

2017 Kia Sorento engine view

Release date and price

The great news about the 2017 Kia Sorento is that it is going to be released pretty soon. We are expecting the release date to be by the end of the year and are going to see the car already available for sale in the beginning of 2017. The starting price is going to be at $27,400 for the FWD and $29,200 for the AWD option both as a base MSRP price. The EX 2.0T version costs about $34,100 and the SX-L 2.0T is around $42,900.

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