2016 Honda Ridgeline

There have been certain revelations concerning the 2016 Honda Ridgeline. First and foremost, there was a drawn up concept model released by Honda which showed in which direction they are planning to take their upcoming model. Not long after that came the confirmation that the Ridgeline is going to be offered for the upcoming year of 2016. As many expected the vehicle to come out a bit earlier, Honda decided to skip the 2015 year and concentrate all of its efforts on making a decent car for the 2016 season.

2016 Honda Ridgeline
2016 Honda Ridgeline

In the recent years, the Honda Ridgeline has been turning out bad sales numbers. They have even gotten close in disclosing the brand. But as the Honda Ridgeline is already and established vehicle in the pickup truck segment they managed to pull through and let the Ridgeline stick in for a while longer. Of course this needed some additional craftsmanship and new ideas from the designers to keep the Ridgeline afloat. With the upcoming 2016 design Honda is hoping to bring back some of its former glory to the car and they are doing it with a magnificent looking design that will bring back the Ridgeline back in contention.

The new 2016 Honda Ridgeline is going to retain a traditional stance of a pickup truck and will retain some of its trademark characteristics, but besides that there are many things that will enhance the new car. It will particularly be largely different from the current model which was deemed as not a very successful release. With the longer roofline and a steeper windshield rake and an overall rounded look at the front end combined with same traditional pickup truck characteristics, the 2016 Honda Ridgeline will be back in our homes in not time. Find out the latest updates and specs about this vehicle in the given review and see some exclusive pictures as the vehicle gets closer to its release date.

2016 Honda Ridgeline exterior

The 2016 Honda Ridgeline always had a good exterior design but was never a good seller. Even upon its first release the truck presented a lot of value and came out with some innovative features that even made it the truck of the year in 2006. With a hunked stance, some innovative lines and unique proportions the car was something that was not yet seen then and proposed a lot of potential for the future. But somewhere along its line the Ridgeline lost its way and the selling numbers never got going as the competition from Chevy, Ford and Toyota was too hard to tackle. But all is not lost as the designers from Honda are planning to build the car up from the beginning and establish a new line with the second generation Honda Ridgeline tuck.

2016 Honda Ridgeline front
2016 Honda Ridgeline front

The designers have managed to keep some of the characteristics that were very important for the car, but will in fact build up and advance on them with the cool new design that the car is getting. It does not only provide a handsome look for the car but it also screams functionality which is one of the primary purpose of these kinds of trucks. The roofline has been designed to be longer while the windshields are steeper and the car also gets a bit more rounded than before. Add to that the bed-integrated trunk and a 2-way opening tailgate which were already established with this car before and we get a good vehicle for the future.

2016 Honda Ridgeline back
2016 Honda Ridgeline back


As for now there is very few information available for the interior of the 2016 Honda Ridgeline. As there have been only a few pictures released till now we cannot really be sure how will the end product of the inside of the newest Ridgeline look like. We are certain that the car will have good comfort to it and quality interior design. In fact they are not going to go for a big change on the inside and will mostly keep the primary characteristics of the current model with some modern new upgrades. It can be at this point to expensive to remodel the whole inside as it will enhance the end price.

2016 Honda Ridgeline interior
2016 Honda Ridgeline interior

The 2016 Honda Ridgeline is going to include a similar rugged but yet comfortable inside. It will have all the features that it had before and will build up with some newest technological additions. A decent 6 speaker audio system will be added while an updated air conditioning system is going to be utilized to enable even greater comfort on the inside. Electric windows, mirrors and adjustable seats are also a part of the package.


As far as the engine specs go for the 2016 Honda Ridgeline, the car is going to come with a few available options. The naturally aspired 2.0-liter 4 cylinder engine that comes with an output of 160 hp is supposed to be the standard variant for the truck. This is actually a very decent fuel economy choice as it makes 30 mpg on highway as the measured EPA rating states. There is also a choice between the 2.0-liter 240 horsepower petrol engine as well as a 2.0-liter diesel engine. These are going to be some stronger available options compared to the base one.

Additionally, there are rumors and some talks that the 2016 Ridgeline may also include a hybrid drivetrain. If so, the current estimation is that 3.5-liter 24 valve SOHC V6, will be used in that case that will be combined with the iMMD Hybrid technology. Both this and all other trims will be available with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Price and release date

The company is yet to announce the release date for their 2016 Honda Ridgeline. The fact is that the production model is still under wraps and we are expecting the info to emerge any day now. For now we are hoping it may get to be closer to mid-2016. The price estimates sates that you will be able to own this car for a price between $ 28,000 and $ 35,000.

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2016 Honda Spirior

In a market which is opened for grabs, Honda is revealing its 2016 Honda Spirior model. In fact the Japanese car maker had only one executive send model that they have released before with their Acura TLX model. It was high time that they go beyond it and manage it with yet another model which is going to break the mold of the old one. The Spirior is the way to do it and they bring us an entire new car here.

With the release of this car they are going to base it on the previous Honda Accord model but they are going to incorporate a few changes which are going to be seen in the model. We do mean a redesign brought to the exterior of the car and a few tweaks here and there for the inside, but a whole new engine design that is going to power the car and bring it better performance features and specs.

2016 Honda Spirior rear view

What they intended with the introduction of eth 2016 Honda Spirior is to bring us a model which is going to be much more streamlined. We can see that from the exterior looks of it and how the model behaves on the road. The ride solace has been enhanced and the unbending body looks great and brings to the better performance of the car with the newest design. On the inside, the technical innovations are great and make the model much fitter. You can see all the changes brought in this review which shows just how much the car has changed.

Exterior redesign

The latest 2016 Honda Spirior is going to use the same platform that the TLX model uses for its exterior design. It is basically going to incorporate most of its features from the latest Accord model and will combine some parts seen on the Honda Civic. In fact, Honda is making this new model like a makeshift vehicle from all of their current ones that have proven to be successful. The TLX in fact still seams as an upmarket model, so we cannot say that even with a complete redesign that we see here that the Honda Spirior is going to affect the sales of the Acura TLX.

2016 Honda Spirior front view

But the 2016 Honda Spirior is going to be a model which is instantly going to be recognizable in the streets. The back belt of the car is borrowed from the Civic models and it shows but goes well with this new concept design. There are going to be some drive headlights, new taillights and turn sights and the car is also going to ride on some 19-inch wheels as well. Combine that with a steeply dropping hood design that is reminiscent of the latest Accord and you get the new 2016 Honda Spirior featured look. A final touch is the addition of a few new color choices so you can pick between Kona Coffee, Lunar Silver, and San Morino Red.

Interior looks and features

The interior of the 2016 Honda Spirior is going the feature a mixture of the TLX and the Accord on the inside, while leaning a bit more towards the looks of the later one. The mentioned cars will still have better quality than the Spirior but it is not going to look too shabby on the inside. Wiht eh leather and wood trims added there is an optional aluminum addition made as well. With the standard version unfortunately you do not get any satellite navigation but you can get it additionally with the options list, but the infotainment section does hold a quality sound system either way.

2016 Honda Spirior interior

Some notable features placed on the inside of the 2016 Honda Spirior include split collapsing seats, game pedals,  a cleaner dash, a 7.0-inch touchscreen, new interior trim colors and  better quality seats. The Sport trim vision will add the use of fake carbon-fiber trim board, some hine dark inside touches and abric/calfskin mix seats. As the offered trims include the  EX, EX-L, and Touring trims you will have the opportunity to make your choices for each one of them and chose your own mixture.

Engine specs and features

There are several options for the 2016 Honda Spirior engines. There are two of them for you to chose from with a third one not yet confirmed but possibly coming very soon. The base version is going to be the 2.4 liter aspirated inline 4 model which makes a total output of 190 horsepower and 181 lb-ft of torque. This model is seen for the base version and is available or the lower trims, but the higher trim levels come with a stranded or optionally available, depending on the trim choice, new 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 which can offer up to 280 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. The possible third engine option which is rumored is going to be perhaps available only as an option for the higher trim levels of the 2016 Honda Spirior. We are talking about a 3.5 liter V6 with 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque, which might make its official debut on the Spirior model some time after the release date. Another new addition is the incorporation of the 9 speed automatic gearbox for the four wheel drive system, but the old 8 speed automatic is still going to be available.

2016 Honda Spirior engine

Release date and price

The 2016 Honda Spirior is a car which has already been released in Chine. In fact, this is a model which has exclusively been released only for the Chinese market in recent years, but with the 2016 version they are ready to jump the pond and make it to the US market. There are some indications that it is also going to be given in Europe, but no date has been set yet. So the release date for the 2016 Honda Spirior is set to be by the end of this year and the price for it states a number of 27.000 USD, making it less expensive  than the Acura TLX and the Honda Accord counterparts.



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2017 Honda Accord

The 2017 Honda Accord is coming out as a new mainstream midsize car in a sedan from. The best way to describe the car is go say that it is aggressively unaggressive, which may be hard to understand at first but it really seems so. The new Accord is going to be designed to be as enjoyable as possible and may push the boundaries in order to reach a greater mainstream appeal.

A coupe version of the Accord already exists, but Honda’s greatest challenger in that segment is the Toyota Camry which does not come with a coupe form, leaning the coupe version of the accord a lot of room on the market. The sedan version is not so lucky as the Camry has a sedan form so it might be harder for the 2017 Honda Accord to breach through and become a popular part of the market.

2017 Honda Accord rear view

What the makers of Honda decided to do then is to enhance the coupe version with added features and make it certain sell out. The 2017 version is going to receive a facelift which is going to staple the Accord’s supremacy in the market and make it much more widely available. The changes that were made mostly concerned the styling of the car. This was a welcoming fact as most people expected to see the changes happen here as the car seemed uneventful till now.

With a new kind of an appearance and a powermill of a 278-horsepower V-6 engine, the 2017 Honda Accord can certainly hold its own on the market and produce great sales numbers. Read our review for added information about the car and get to know all the details of the model’s release date.


The updated version of the 2017 Honda Accord sees an added and different look that was very much expected for the model. As the car seemed very dull and not that interesting for years now, it was due for a change and it was time for the model to receive some updates. The car thus adds its coupe version a sportier.

The added changes start from the new lighting design which sees some new headlight features which actually give off a look of a much more expensive design. The new Accord has some parts which you would see from an Acura model now than anything else.

2017 Honda Accord,side view

The aerodynamics of the car have been enhanced and the car is much more aggressive than before, which is particularly notices with the new hood design. But this is where all of the sporty details stop, as this is not a sports car so they realized that they have to tone it down a bit. But overall a great refresh for the newest Accord model.


The 2017 Honda Accord is actually a very roomy car on the inside for a coupe model. Even though the people in the back might perhaps do better with a four door version, it does not offer a bad setup this way as well. The front seats are actually the same both in the coupe version and the sedan as well, which we consider a good thing. The idea of the whole sedan is to make things accompanying and welcoming for the entire model’s interior. Accompanying the passengers on the inside is the Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay which you can get optionally with the infotainment system. Honda will include Honda Sensing in this model and also add some features which were not considered as standard before and make them as such this time.

2017 Honda Accord interior

The vehicle also includes a whole range of driver’s aids, like  Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Mitigation Braking System with Forward Collision Warning and Road Departure Mitigation with Lane Departure Warning. This is going to be offered as a standalone option and the additional gadgets and equipment is going to help you make your car safer and keep your driving in check.


The 2017 Honda Accord leaves you with two possible options when it comes to the engine choices. The previous versions of the Accord have been using either a four-cylinder or a V-6 for a very long time already and it will continue for the 2017 year model. The first engine option is the 185-horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine while the second is the 278-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 one. The second engine option is going to be available with a only a  CVT versions while a six-speed manual is available for the lower trim levels. This version is also capable of reaching the 0-60 mph mark in 5.6 seconds which is regarded as a very respectable mark.

2017 Honda Accord engine

Release date and price

As we mentioned, the 2017 Honda Accord is going to have a very appropriate price tag which is going to make it a desirable model and a very lucrative offer. The car is going to have a starting price of $23,775, for the base version, while the highest trim level car is going to be priced at $34,125 as base MSRP. The model’s release date is set for the upcoming year as the car is going to be available for sale in the first period of the year.

 2017 Honda Accord trunk

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