2016 Honda Acura NSX

2016 Honda Acura NSX Release Date, Price, Engine, Interior, Review – The Honda Acura NSX is a supercar vehicle which has been made popular because during its development it received hints and building details from the legendary Ayrton Senna. Sadly the car was discontinued back in 2005 and besides the occasional re-release rumor here and there was not much heard about the car. Until now that is, as it is becoming more than apparent that the car is making its comeback for this model year.

2016 Honda Acura NSX
2016 Honda Acura NSX

The fist NSX vehicle was produced and released in 1990 and it was one of the most popular supercars of its era. Perhaps it was not the most powerful car back then with the output of 290 horsepower, but it was the fastest which it owed to its low curb weight and also not the mentioned the cues it received from Senna’s input during the design. The car was discontinued as Honda planned to make a successor for the vehicle, but 10 years after the final release of the car we have been given a confirmation at the North American International Auto Show that the car is making a comeback with a concept model.

This is going to be the second generation of the Honda Acura NSX car and it is going to have major difference with its original form or in fact any part of the first generation production. There was a release from Honda where they managed to disclosed the specs of the car and people were immediately stunned as it promises to perform even better than anyone thought it would. In this review you can find out all the specs and stats about the car and see some exclusive pictures released after the show, study it carefully and see what the future of NSX vehicles brings.

2016 Honda Acura NSX exterior

The exterior of the 2016 Honda Acura NSX is very close to the concept model that was released fist. The production vehicle does not stem too much from the concept that came first and has an aggressive but sporty feel to it. On closer look, though, you can notice some more detail changes that have been made to the car but all in all they have managed to do a perfect job with the new Acura NSX. The front side features a massive grill that occupies the major part of the nose of the car. The bumper is the same as the concept we witness earliest while the air dams have also been left intact. There is a large splitter that sticks underneath the grille while there are some massive blades that separate the main grille from the side intakes of the car. The headlamps have been revised and have new graphics and come with six LEDs and an LED stripe. The hood has been remodeled as well and has two large vents on it placed just above the wheel arches.

2016 Honda Acura NSX front
2016 Honda Acura NSX front

The rear fascia has been mostly carried over from the concept car as most of it has been used without modifications. The large diffuser with the large vents have also been carried over. The rear exhausts have been repositioned as they are moved to be in the middle instead of sitting at the sides. The hood design of the back part has been a little bit complicated with the added spoiler as the concept had a much simpler design. But the largest changes is made to the side of the car which adds pronounced “cab-forward” proportion and  larger and higher side vents, making the character of the car much more different.

2016 Honda Acura NSX back
2016 Honda Acura NSX back


The concept model of the Acura NSX that was introduced showed us an interior that was rich with Alcantara leather and carbon fiber inserts. Unfortunately the 2016 Honda Acura NSX production vehicle does not receive so much details and comfort enhancements like the concept. Instead, the carbon fiber inserts have been replaced by aluminum trims while the Alcantara leather is only seen in the middle part of the seats.

2016 Honda Acura NSX interior
2016 Honda Acura NSX interior

The button configuration has been modeled on the current Acura models while the climate controls air vents have been entirely differently configured on this car. With a flattened bottom and top the steering wheel gives off a more race car look and it combines with a high tech instrument cluster that was not expected. Additionally, the primary color has been changed to black instead of red for the production car.


The most excitement is made under the hood of the 2016 Honda Acura NSX vehicle with the added twin-turbocharged, 75 degree V-6 engine. This engine comes with a Variable Timing Control and combines both direct injection and port injection as well. This engine was made with a particular purpose and aim and it includes perfectly balancing power production, overall compactness and also comes with a reduced overall mass. The key elements that make this possible are inclusions such as lightweight and compact cylinder heads, a sand-cast engine block and thermal spray coating on the engine block cylinder sleeves for higher thermal efficiency. Thus the engine is able to deliver over 500 horsepower from 6,500 rpm and 406 pound-feet from 2,000 rpm. The acceleration performance is also off the charts with 3.5 seconds needed to reach 0-60 mph.

Price and release date

The new 2016 Honda Acura NSX has still not received an official pricing quote but for a car like this one a base price of $116,000 is more than appropriate. The vehicle is being released in the upcoming period and will be available for sale by the end of next year.

2017 Honda HR-V

There has been an announcement that a 2017 Honda HR-V model is going to make it to the US market. In fact this is a model which is transferred from the Japanese one which has the name Vezel in its home country. The Honda Vezel is actually a model which is built on the same underpinnings that the Honda Fit is. So the model is being offered in the North American market now and will be familiar under the name of Honda HR-V and will be seen first in Mexico and then will arrive in the US.

The 2017 Honda HR-V has been revealed for the first time at the Los Angeles Auto Show and it was immediately noticeable how much resemblance this car has got with the Honda Fit, but also how much it manages to borrow from the CR-V model as well. It utilizes the same magic seat system for the inside and actually comes with a larger engine as it substituted the 1.5 liter one for the 1.8 liter option, the same one used in the Fit models.


There are no significant changes to the price, as of release date, for the 2017 Honda HR-V but there are going to be some changes when it comes to the color. The Alabaster Silver has been discontinued but make way for the  Lunar Sliver Metallic utilized for the first time here. The car is also going to be available in three trims,  LX, EX and EX-L Read more about the introduced changes in our review for the 2017 Honda HR-V car.

Exterior Updates


Even though the 2017 Honda HR-V has much more in common with the Honda Fit car, it actually does not look anything like it. It is a smaller but sportier version of a CR-V model as it shares most of its exterior design cues with that model and only utilizes the underpinnings of a Fit car. It has a sloped hood in the front, as well as the HR-V is, but around the back is a unique model and incorporates much of its standalone features not using much of the ones borrowed from the featured Honda cars.

The overall sporty appearance of the 2017 Honda HR-V is pretty acceptable and its coupe-like roofline is even more complemented with the muscular front fenders of the car. It also has an upswept character line but also adds some concealed rear door handles as well. We have to agree that the HR-V is one of the better looking crossovers in the segment even being in the competition with the Nissan Juke and Kia Soul in the rivalry for the fist place in the segment.


Interior Changes and Additions

The cabin of the 2017 Honda HR-V does the same as the interior. It manages to blend the elements seen both in the CR-V and the Fit models. There is a ample addition of some exclusive styling features with are new for the brand but the steering wheel is a familiar one. The passenger’s side does not seem that much attractive but it does bring new elements here. The same thing goes for the center stack as it too has been completely reinvented. There are many controls which are identical to the CR-V car, so if you have used that one it will not be troublesome to get used to the HR-V.

There are also a lot of soft-touch and hard plastic surfaces inside the car, but the 2017 Honda HR-V benefits from a more premium feel compared to other models. It adopts some piano black inserts, chrome elements and stitch lines which help it look like that. The instrument cluster looks much more entertaining as it adopts a “floating” illumination rings and the ECO Assist application.

Some standard pieces of equipment include  electronic parking brake, power windows, rearview camera, Bluetooth and Pandora radio and tilt and telescoping steering wheel. The optional equipment includes heated front seats,  paddle shifters for the steering wheel,  a power sunroof, a 7-inch touchscreen Display Audio telematics interface, leather trim, etc.


Powertrain Changes

The 2017 Honda HR-V scraps the 1.5 liter option for a 1.8 liter one. The car is going to utilize the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with i-VTEC. This engine is good enough to help the car produce  138 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 127 pound-feet of torque at 4,300 rpm. This is an enhancement of 8 hp and 13  pound-feet  more than the smaller engine makes in the original Vezel model. You can get the car with either a six-speed manual transmission option which is exclusive for the 2WD. The optional all-wheel drive versions can come with a  Intelligent Control System for improved all-weather traction.


Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2017 Honda HR-V is actually going to be in December, but in Japan. As for the North American market the release date is going to be a bit later. The car is still going to make an appearance in the 2017 but it will arrive first in Mexico and then come to the US. The initial price for the car is  $19,265  as a base MSRP rate. EX versions start at $21,415 while the EX-L Navi are priced at $24,840.

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