2017 Ford Edge

It has been announced that the 2017 Ford Edge will be debuting next year. The release date places it somewhere around the first part of the next year and as we have seen promises us a new and completely updated model with very impressive carlike driving manners. The car is also going to be updated with some amenities that are going to be available even on the base model, making it much more available than before.

The first model of the Edge was produced in 2007. It was just what the industry needed as it presented a midsize crossover SUV which immediately became popular and it was mainly due to its versatility and ability to adapt both the wagon and sedan-like features into an SUV car.

The competition of today’s market is much greater today, so the 2017 Edge is going to have a fierce battle in dealing with the competitors that are already established in this segment. What we are going to get here is a car that is going to be updated with contemporary technology and some styling cues which will be perfect for the new model.


The main competitions comes with the Nissan Murano, Kia Sorente, the new Volkswagen Touareg and the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. But we expect that the 2017 Ford Edge does well in this segment and makes the best out of the things it has to offer. Read the review and find out what the car is going to offer whit its massive update.

2017 Ford Edge Interior and Exterior updates and changes

The 2017 Ford Edge is going to be offered as a five passenger model and will also include different trim levels with the SE being the base one and the Sport trim also confirmed as well. There are many updates that are going to make the car much more competitive and comparable with the current rivals thus the updates are immense and can differ depending on the trim. Thus the SE level does come with a equipment like  telescopic-and-tilt steering wheel, 911 Assist,  automatic headlights, voice recognition, foldable rear seats, a premium audio system and a wheel options that includes 19-inch wheels.


The SEL version is going to be a bit more updated and upgraded as it is going to focus on some more advanced features. With the Ford Edge SEL you can get the eight-way power adjustable driver seat, dimming rearview camera, exterior heated mirrors,  automatic climate control,  leather wrapped steering wheel and some advanced features like keyless ignition with a an exterior keyless entry pad. For this trim you can also add the Equipment Group 201A package, which extends your offer and adds even more advanced amenities and additions inside the car.

The highest rated trim vehicle is going to be the Ford Edge Platinum trim of course. This one has got it all and includes a near full package of all the things you may need inside your vehicle. The 19-inch wheels come as standard here as well but adds some other amenities like  heated front seats, a hands-free tailgate, reclining front passenger seat, driving memory setting and some newly designed LED taillights.

The base trim also has the option of choosing one with a sunroof, but this is a feature that is available optionally when you purchase your car. It also adds an optional Technology package which adds some advanced technological equipment to your Ford Edge with additional power outlets, bumper protection,  auto-dimming driver mirror, side exterior mirror, a perimeter alarm, a navigation system and more.


Finally, we have the top of the range Titan trim which is the highest you get with the 2017 Ford Edge. Inside we have expect the rear heated seats some other futures which add parallel and perpendicular parking options, steering heated wheels, an automatic parking system, lane keeping assist and more.

Engines and specs

The 2017 Ford Edge is going to give us a few options to chose from when it comes to the powertrain. The base version is turbocharged 2L 4-cyl engine that provides us with just enough power for the segment and is in fact a suitable option all in all. The output is measured at  245 horsepower and 275 pounds of torque and uses the 6-speed automatic transmission system also. The EPA ratings for this engine are measured at 20/30/24 mpg in the city/highway/combined, for the FWD option which can be pretty admirable, while the AWD options goes to 20/28/23 mpg.


The secondary engine option is rumored to be the  3.5L V6 engine. This one is able to churn out 280 horsepower and 250 pounds of torque and is going to be certainly available for the SE, SEL, Sport and Titanium trims. With the output of 280 horsepower and 250 pounds of torque and an EPA rating of 18/26/21 mpg with the FWD and 17/25/20 mpg with the AWD, it is an appropriate engine option for these levels of the car.

2017 Ford Edge price and release date


The release date of the car has yet to be confirmed but many indications are already placing it in the beginning of 2017. We are fairly certain that the new 2017 Ford Edge is going to appear by then. The base price would be somewhere around $29,100 as base MSRP for the SE trim, while the higher ones will add more value to it.

2016 Ford Focus Electric

Among the Ford hybrids and plug-in hybrid options that are available comes yet another fuel efficient release, the 2016 Ford Focus Electric. This is by all means not a new release nor is it something that is revolutionary, but it is something to get excited about. This vehicle has flown under the radar for all of its career but with this update the car may come out of the shadow if its bigger and more popular brethren.

The Ford Focus Electric was released in 2012 and was not a standout vehicle at first, particularly as it had to deal with the much more popular Kia Soul EV and the Volkswagen eGolf models that have already been established in this field. But the low-key styling of the Focus was something that helped the car as not it is the prime time for it to step it up a bit and start selling more.

2016 Ford Focus Electric front view, grille

The Focus Electric will offer you solid performance numbers and will give us similar specs as the Volkswagen eGolf does. This means that they resemble the gasoline version specs from the performance standpoint. But the established electric cars in the industry still have more experience in the segment and still have a certain edge when it comes to the evolution and them normalizing the electric car industry. This is the adversity the Ford Focus Electric will have to battle against.

As the electric car industry is experiencing a boom in the market and as these type of cars have become a regular household item like the hybrids already are, so will the need for new and diverse vehicles rise as well. The 2016 Ford Focus Electric has a lot to offer this time and many of the advantages is concerned with the equipment that the vehicle has been updated with.

2016 Ford Focus Electric alloy wheels and taillights

The vehicle got a price cut some time ago so we assume that the car is going to hold the same pricing or perhaps go a bit higher this time but all in all it will be an affordable choice. The info about the release date and the price ranges is available here so keep reading to find out the latest scoop.

2016 Ford Focus Electric interior news

What the interior of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric brings to us is an upscale look. This is something that is very much appreciated and welcomed with the design for the newest model. There is an electroluminescent dash which further enables you to customize the infotainment system. The center stack has the MyFord Touch infotainment system which is available front and back. The standard gasoline powered model is going to be completely the same as this one as always, with the only exception being the fuel gauge monitor for the battery status. There is still a five seat passenger setup but less cargo space than inside a regular one as the battery pack consumes more space.

2016 Ford Focus Electric interior

The seats are very comfortable and are upholstered with Ford’s 100 percent recycled-content Repreve fabric. The list of standard equipment is immense as it holds the  dual-zone climate control, a backup camera, Sirius satellite radio, push-button start and many more. You can also use the  MyFord Mobile app to connect and sync your smartphones with the the vehicle as well. Also the SYNC interface system comes as standard and has been upgraded and improved for this version.

Exterior design and changes

The exterior design of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric does not seem like your everyday electric vehicle. Also the Focus Electric is not easily distinguishable compared to your base Focus model, but there are certain differences that help you determine which is which. One of the differences is the new and unique grille design that is apparent here and a new set of wheels as well. All in all, it is a Ford subcompact family car with the sheet metal the company is already famous for. So what we get is a handsome car with an a horizontal-bar grille and narrow headlights.

This time the flanks of the car have been smoothed a bit and in fact they have been becoming smoother and smoother over the years resulting in a more aerodynamic car. The tailgates and the silhouette is the same as before and has not changed which is the same for the hatchback models but just add the spoiler. The charging port is on the left front fender and is distinctive in a way s it is surrounded by LED lights when being used. Finally, the 17-inch wheels come as standard.


Under the hood of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric the gasoline engine is being substituted by a permanent-magnet electric motor producing 143 horsepower. The power is provided via a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack and the power of the engine is good enough to carry the added weight of the battery. A single-speed transmission is used, which is the case with all the electric powered cars, as it provides the driver with a top speed of 84 mph. The car has an official drive range of 76 miles which makes it an appropriate amount for any sort of a drive.

2016 Ford Focus Electric engine

Price and release date

Making this car great is not only the build, the range it can drive nor the efficiency it provides the people. The price is an important factor for the 2016 Ford Focus Electric as it comes available at a base MSRP of  $29,170. The vehicle is going to be available this year and comes out in April when the release date is set.




2017 Ford Fusion

The upcoming year is going to bring us a new technologically advanced 2017 Ford Fusion vehicle. The Ford Fusion is a family sedan vehicle which took over after the Taurus was discontinued. It made its debut in 2006 and completely replaced and in fact overshadowed the Taurus by offering great driving dynamics and a very impressive design to boot.

The 2017 year model is going to be its second generation year vehicle and is going to be designed as a sports sedan model. The new vehicle is actually going to broaden the lineup a bit as it is getting ready to introduce some new luxury car items and features.

2017 Ford Fusion front view, grille

The Ford Fusion may not look that much updated at first glance, but the fact is that this model has gone through a lot. There is actually much going on under the hood and inside the car that makes the update possible. Besides the base version of the Fusion, Ford is making also the Fusion Hybrid and the Fusion plug-in hybrid available as well as the future models that are released this year.

2017 Ford Fusion rear angle, tailpipe and taillights

These models are actually sacrificing its comfort and luxury a bit in order to enhance its fuel efficiency, but that is actually what they are aimed to do. The Platinum version is a high-tech wonder with all sorts of high-end features and equipment items added while the Sport series has an updated V6 powertrain that makes it unique in the lineup. Keep reading about the new 2017 Ford Fusion right here in this review and check out the newly released pictures as well.

2017 Ford Fusion exterior

The styling update for the 2017 Ford Fusion adopts an evolutionary formula that has been done for the car. They have taken something out of the new Aston Martin and actually put it on this car making it sleek and vaguely similar to this car. The grille has been transferred from the previous model and has been carried over here but the headlamps have been updated with some LED features and some accent lighting that defies the front end of the car. Also the new trim versions are highly distinguishable from each other and you can easily tell them apart which was not the case with the previous cars. The Fusion V6 Sport trim has the most different look apart from all other trims and is characterized with the unique 19-inch wheels that are added while the black gloss mesh grille is placed in the front and a spoiler at the back. The Platinum trim also has a different type of a grille that differentiates it from other models.

2017 Ford Fusion side view


The inside of the 2017 Ford Fusion actually keeps to its traditional look and does not change that much in terms of style. It gets its familiar reconfigurable digital dash  which is combined with a  thick-rimmed steering wheel and a sporty interior. Newly added is the rotary shift dial seen on the console and they have also declutered the dash by getting rid of the shift lever. The smartphone-style touchscreen is placed front and center on the dash and is used to operate the SYNC system. Of course you can connect the system to your smartphone and make it ten times easier for you to operate it. The redesigned console also provides a lot more room for storage while the Ford’s EcoGuide display, available in Hybrid trims, is going to help and guide the drivers how to hypermile.

2017 Ford Fusion interior, steering wheel

The Platinum trim is of course the most highly arranged model with all new plush features. Antiqued leather accents are found on the instrument and door panels, while the steering wheel has hand-stitched Venetian leather. The added pedestrian detection system has been made available for the first time in a Ford vehicle for the North American market and is only available for the 2017 models. Other helpful additions include a lane positioning camera, hands-free parallel and perpendicular parking, Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert, etc.


As they are preparing for a new year, the 2017 Ford Fusion is going to get an upgrade in the engine department. This is mostly aimed at het Fusion V6 Sport term which is getting an upgraded powertrain now. A 2.7 liter V6 with the  Ford’s EcoBoost twin-turbo system is able to provide the car with a boost of  325 horsepower. Of course you get it with an all-wheel drive system and active suspension which actually helps reduce the impact of unexpected divots in the road.

2017 Ford Fusion engine

The hybrid-electric Fusion vehicles are going to get a 2.0 liter gasoline engine and a eclectic one added as well. it uses a 7.6 kilowatt-hour compact lithium-ion battery which is good enough for a range of  19 miles at full speed. The full range with the combined gas and electric engine is set at 500 miles.

Price and release date

The new vehicle is already scheduled for release. We are going to see the car already available for sale at the end of this year. So an early release of the 2017 Ford Fusion is something that will excite the fans. The prices are going to be similar to the current ones so the base version is going to be about $22,110, the  Fusion Hybrid and plug-in Fusion Energi  are going to be $25,990 and $35,730.

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