2016 Honda S2000

2016 Honda S2000 Release Date, Price, Specs, Engine – You will be dead wrong if you though that the upcoming new 2016 Honda S2000 is a new entry vehicle. In basic terms, the automaker released the first generation of the Honda S200 in 1998 as a well-liked car for the urban dwellers with a stylish design and small compact body.

2016 Honda S2000
2016 Honda S2000

Fortunately, the engine was still efficient and was able to easily reach 122 miles per hour. It has been quite some time now and it comes as a surprise that Honda wants to resuscitate the S2000 by unleashing the 2016 Honda S2000.

The new vehicle has undoubtedly been remodelled and redesign in almost every aspect so that it fits conveniently in modern times. It will certainly be stylish and we can’t wait to see its anticipated released.

This roadster will be powered by a powerful engine and will come with tons of new features that will offer the car a smooth performance and an amazing comfortable experience.

2016 Honda S2000 interior

The interior of the car comes refreshed and will boats of new features and technology upgrades. The cabin will have a 2+2 seating arrangement. Furthermore, they will also be made available with plush leather upholstery.

2016 Honda S2000 interior
2016 Honda S2000 interior

At the centre of the dashboard is a touch screen display that will be driver-centric. The dash will come fitted with an infotainment system which will host some control and entertainment features.

Modern materials will be used during its construction and the rear seats now come with improved space in comparison to the previous model. Features that will be provided for the 2016 Honda S2000 will include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, advanced audio system, improved dashboard, circular air vents, touch screen display, navigation, and others.

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2016 Honda S2000 exterior

The newest attraction that will be offered by Honda is the new design that will take into consideration the weight of the vehicle. The brand new 2016 Honda S2000 will come with a reduced weight thanks to the extensive use of light weight materials.

 2016 Honda S2000 front
2016 Honda S2000 front

The reduction in weight of the car will lead to better fuel economy ratings consumption. Additionally, the lightweight materials, such as aluminium and carbon inserts will directly improve the overall driveability and handling of the vehicle.

The car will still come with its iconic front cover and robust headlamps that will be equipped with LED running lights for better visibility.

2016 Honda S2000 back
2016 Honda S2000 back

For the posterior end, users should expect a redesigned trunk and taillights as well. The overall exterior design will be eye-catching and will certainly be the talk of town. Nothing much has been made official as yet, but we expect additional info in the coming weeks.

2016 Honda S2000 engine specs

The automaker will definitely make you desire the new 2016 Honda S2000. Back in the late nineties, Honda created the vehicle mostly for town people and it came with a stylish and futuristic body.

Despite the fancy interior and exterior designs, buyers also expect the engine to be very powerful. So, under the hood of the new 2016 Honda S2000, the engine will come as efficient.

It is claimed that the company will offer a hybrid powertrain as the only source of power for the new 2016 Honda S2000. Simply put, the automaker is going to offer a combination of the electric motor and a 2L gasoline engine.

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The hybrid powertrain will resemble that of the Honda Civic Type R and will be able to generate up to 370 hp, but the details pertaining its pounds of torque remains unconfirmed. The new 2016 Honda S2000 will be offered as a rear wheel drive, and will transmit the power using the 7-speed gearbox with the assistance of the double clutch assist.

2016 Honda S2000 price and release date

Since the new 2016 Honda S2000 will don high performance features and technologies, the price tag will probably be higher than the current model but not with a very high margin. It is widely envisioned that the car will be introduced to car dealers in the year 2017.

Furthermore, the car’s design is envisaged to fill the gap between the S660 and NSX models. This translates to mean that the car might actually get a design concept as that of the NSX. With such a design, the car will therefore make use of high quality materials, such as aluminium and carbon fibre inserts.

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