2016 Ford Fusion

2016 Ford Fusion Release Date, Specs, Price, Interior – New add-ons will be predominant in the upcoming vehicle, and there are reports that allege the base Ford Fusion Hybrid S model will come with a 6-speaker system, while the SE model version will come with an upgraded ten-speaker stereo system. In overall, much of the vehicle will remain unchanged.

2016 Ford Fusion
2016 Ford Fusion

Although most fuel efficient hybrids were once left in the small hatchback or compacts segment, the technology has gone mainstream nowadays and hybrids can be spotted everywhere having different nameplates.

You will mostly stumble on plenty of fuel efficient vehicles in the mid-sized sedan segment, and the upcoming new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid is certainly an excellent example. Plenty of features will be likeable in the new vehicle which include a modern styling, advanced safety features and a bespoke interior configuration.

You could however choose to say the same of the gasoline powered Ford Fusion too, but the hybrid version returns an impressive EPA estimated fuel economy of 42 mpg combined. In basic terms, the automaker simply integrated all the positive attributes of the standard Fusion model into a more fuel efficient package.

Apart from the inspiring mileage of the Fusion Hybrid. Passengers and the driver will experience a smooth ride quality on both the highway and in the city, and in addition, it will be spacious too.

Rivals and Trim Levels of New 2016 Ford Fusion

The new hybrid will definitely have very many laudable virtues that will be worth to give a glance to. The vehicle will come in three trim models which include the base S, mid-level SE and the top Titanium model. However the Fusion Energi, which is the plug-in extended-range version of the Fusion Hybrid will be reviewed separately, as is the gasoline-engine Fusion and the Regular version.

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Menacing competitor which will likely compete with the new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid include the Honda Accord which has a superior EPA estimates of around 47 miles per gallon combined and a cosy interior that is at par with that of Ford’s.

Another imminent threat would be the Toyota Camry Hybrid. This vehicle comes with a well-rounded nature and a respectable mpg ratings pegged at 41 mpg combined. In spite of the inspiring specs of its rivals, we highly recommend that you try out the upcoming 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid, which apparently ranks top in our list of favourites.

Price and Release Date – 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The new hybrid will make a debut in the market with a starting msrp of around 22,600 USD for the base S model and up to $33,900 for the 2016 Ford Fusion Energi. The expected release date of the new Hybrid will be towards the first half of next year, the specific details will hopefully be unleashed to the public during the upcoming 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

2016 Ford Fusion release date
2016 Ford Fusion release date

Changes and Safety Equipment

As a standard, the new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid will come with antilock disc brake, a rear view camera, stability and traction control, front seat side bags, side curtain airbags and front knee air bags.

Furthermore, the base model will come with Ford Sync system which will now feature an emergency crash notification that mates to a cell phone and dials 911 emergency service number on its own. Another feature in the S model will be the Ford’s Mykey feature which comes handy when you have teenagers or valets as drivers.

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Optional equipment will include parking sensors, electronic driver assist systems and inflatable seatbelts in the posterior seats. Electronic driver assist systems will include blind spot monitor, driver drowsiness detection, rear cross traffic alerts, and lane departure warning and lane keeping assist.

Interior Photos and Exterior Redesign of New Ford Fusion 2016

The interior will only get the basics that compare similarly to the Fusion Hybrid. Overall, you will get a much sleeker look with the MyFord Touch owing to the bespoke 8” touchscreen.

2016 Ford Fusion interior
2016 Ford Fusion interior

On its exterior, the base S trim will come with 17” alloy wheels, full power accessories, and automatic headlights. However much of the exciting features lie inside the cabin of the Fusion Hybrid. The new Fusion Hybrid will come with several exterior colours to choose from as well.

2016 Ford Fusion front
2016 Ford Fusion front

2016 Ford Fusion Engine & Performance

The new hybrid vehicle will come with a 2L four cylinder engine that will work in tandem with the electric motor which comes powered by the lithium-ion battery pack. In combined from, they will be able to generate as much as 188 hp. the power will transmitted to the FWD through the Continuously Variable Transmission system (CVT).

The EPA estimates as mentioned above are 44/41/42 in the city/highway/combined. While the ratings may be impressive by contemporary standards, the Honda Accord Hybrid comes with a remarkable estimate of around 47 mpg combined.

Our own testing of the new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid gave an 8.5 second click from a sprint of 0-60 mph, which is unfortunate in terms of convectional standards. Both the Accord Hybrid and Camry Hybrid leverage above the Fusion Hybrid in terms of 0-60 mph.

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